"No one is hearing my voice. "

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(as the patient),

With ones History of child abuse and then in adult year sexual crimes, the long term effects, of repeated crimes of this nature, in my view a patient is not able to heal and recover, with in 16 appointments, with cbt threapy of an CMHT mental health trust, whom in 2006, cut their funding , and only drew up a draft CPS care plan, without the service user, knowing or having any involvement. As a result was left with out treatment and since suffered many relapses, self harm and suicide attempts.

In my view the Male appointed A&E staff had no idea how to show respect and treat carefully a female patient, and then the male ISA assessment mental health staff, would dismiss these repeated attempts, solely as a cry for help. Yet this was far from the truth, and the real risks to the patient, still 6 yrs on, still keeps being down played, What with the new CPA DOH and So called guidelines all trusts should follow, well, the only way again this person, found out she had a cpa. was when she asked for copies of her medical records.

The lack of respect and understanding and cold bias remarks, made about this person, in her care notes, caused further set backs , and tried to officially complain, as this still got no where, and still the trust are not putting her health and life at risk, by still failing to under stand how to treat a female long term, from the effects of sex crimes and someone trying to kill her. So in my opinion trauma related long term life term treatment, is needed.

She got help to apply for CICA and 6yrs on also still waiting for payout. Yet this female trying to live a daily life is a nightmare, on so many pills to stop the nightmares/ sleeping pills. to help sleep, and pills for the daytime to help cope with the thoughts, of fear, and yet in my view the CMHT so called CARE manger / not trained well enough in these areas, and then the trust, tells the female patient, she cannot have a female doctor too, as the trust only have males. Question here is, how are victims of sex abuse , and rape able to trust and relate to male doctors? When the female is only able to see the face of the persons, that caused the crimes to her. Then this leads to futher set backs in her recovery and further high risks of self harm, and suicide, when the staff, do not manage her care, in line with set policy.

Then self neglect sets in , no self worth, not able to be part of life, left alone to cope alone, no trust in family/ they caused the child abuse/ no one to trust, and none hearing her voice. Professionals, meant to care jointly to make sure she is safe all ways. Yet this never happens in my view, all they care about is cost cutting still and pushing the DOH National frame work on how to treat complex cases. Oh well, its to costly for the trust, to make sure the life of this human being is safe, when one surely knows its should be about choice of treatments and all professionals doing what the tax payer pays their wages to do.

So my views are that, from GP Practice to NHS mental health trust to others meant to help her, is still failing her, and now what with the NHS trust in london hosptail failed in treating her, for their failed knee op, she also needs other forms of help in this area, to which this time the so called joined up NHS / adult care services / county council / failing to provide service provision for her needs to in these areas, So what a life one may say, yet i am sure a 45 yr old does not tick the boxs for funding for help and treatment and help and support, well i am sure their are many other like this person , in UK suffering still and no matter about the new national care service coming in, this will only make it harder to prove, one needs the care, where is the human caring gone in the NHS?

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Response from Patient Opinion

At Northamptonshire Healthcare we are working hard to show we are a genuinely patient oriented organisation that treats people with compassion and offers care that is personalised to each individual's particular needs. Clearly, there is still work to do. The point about the lack of female psychiatrists in Northampton is well made and is something we will need to address. In the meantime, we are always very grateful to patients, service users and carers who highlight ways we can improve the quality and responsiveness of our services. People are always welcome to raise matters with their care co-ordinator, community mental health team manager or Patient Advice and Liaison Service. Northamptonshire Healthcare's PALS can be contacted on telephone number 0800 917 8504 or by email on pals@nht.northants.nhs.uk