"Awful service by junior doctors and then the wrong information from the consuitant"

About: Pinderfields General Hospital / Trauma and orthopaedics

(as the patient),

I was in great pain on the left hand side of my torso so I went to Pinderfields hospital in Wakefield.

Back-story: I had brown thick urine for weeks and then it would go away but no other symptoms. I just thought my body was naturally cleansing itself as I rarely get ill.

So, I enter Accident & Emergency at 6am in terrific pain. The only thing the junior doctors registering me are concerned about are getting my address, name details. I am in so much pain I can hardly open my eyes. So what does this junior doctor who is less than half my age "open your eyes! ". then tells that I will have wait 3 hours even though there seemed to be plenty of junior doctors sat around there probably isn't any proper consultant / doctor to see me.

I walk back clutching myself in tears and pain. After a few minutes I cant take any more pain so I go into the treatment area and demand some kind of pain relief. The junior doctors ignore me - but a real nurse tells me that since I have taken pain-killers (even though it was 3 hours ago and not very strong pain-killers) that I cant be given any more till I am examined. So, I go back to A & E waiting area contorting and twisting myself in those uncomfortable chairs trying to deal with the pulsating pain. Eventually after 2 and a half hours I go back to the treatment area and demand to get TREATMENT. Everyone ignores me (probably because they think I am so emotional I must be faking it). A doctor says "I was going to see in a minutes, I will see you now". He didn't look concerned at all but at least he did something. I was finally given some painkillers which didn't work - suppositories. Then they gave me morphine as an injection, finally pain-free but quite 'high'. I was finally given some water to drink. So from being told I couldn't get painkillers or water when I came into A & E at 6am, now I was given a jug of water to drink. Not surprisingly, I vomited most of that water and also blood - as my body had become so dehydrated courtesy of the NHS junior doctors and a real nurse who in retrospect I believe was wrong about denying my painkillers.

I was put onto a ward and fell asleep having not had any real rest for 24 hours.

I had a deadly CT scan (a CT scan is about the equivalent in radiation of 80-200 times the dose of radiation you would get from x-ray photo images).

The consultant said I had a kidney stone and they would keep me in hospital for observation. I stayed overnight, in the morning I was not allowed to drink or eat food. The hospital had not told me this the night before, so I wake up feeling very thirsty and then find out I am nil by mouth.

After a few hours I decide that if I have a kidney stones, denying water - I. e. dehydration would surely make a kidney problem worse because kidneys are damaged if there is not a throughput of water.

So, I went to see the nursing staff and said to them can they get a doctor to explain why I am being denied water. I don't mind if I don't have food but water is essential to life!

A doctor came and told me that was the guidelines in the case of kidney stones. So, I asked can you show me a copy of the guidelines so I can read it for myself and be satisfied that the medical staff can be trusted. Her response was that she doesn't have a copy of the guidelines, yet here she telling me what the 'guidelines' are.

So, I said, well I am ignoring you then and drinking some water as I am very dehydrated. Eventually, the consultant called Tony came and said I can eat and drink anything. I demanded that the hospital carry out lithotripsy to break down the kidney stones as it is a tried and tested method. The consultant said that any kidney stones which is less than 5mm, they don't do lithotripsy. So, I said you want me just to stay in hospital for what purpose, except to waste NHS resources and make it look like you are bothered, whilst I kept pain-free with drugs that I don't want.

I said to the consultant that I don't see the point, since you are not treating my condition. At least, I was given some drugs should I suffer any more pain.

About two weeks later, the kidney stones passed. It was 9mm long and looked like spaceship!

So, the junior doctors were inhuman, the patronising consultant relied on a CT scan which seemed to show the kidney stones was less than 5mm when it was actually 9mm.

I estimate, I cost the NHS about £3, 500, including that  CT scan which has irradiated me - and no treatment. I treated myself by drinking more fluids than usual and having lots of herbs and spices. Coming from an Asian background, hot curries and also comfort food like fish & chips and spoiling myself all led to that kidney stone escaping the kidney and out of my body. I haven't felt so good in years, at least in that part of the body but it did take about a week to fully recover from the exiting of the kidney stones.

A kidney stone is said to be one of the most painful experiences there is but the inhuman junior doctors and the patronising, 'smiley' consultant was no better but at least the consultants give me painkillers.

It was only about 4 weeks before I went to Pinderfields Hospital that I was bringing food and drink for junior doctors, who were protesting at the latest shenanigans of the current government. I am more wise now, and will never support junior doctors and if I ever rent out my spare house, it will not be to junior doctors/consultants - but yes to nurses.

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Response from Paul Jepson, Patient Liaison Manager, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Dear TonyHE

We are sorry to note your comments and would be pleased to arrange for the matter to be investigated. If you would like us to do so, then please contact us directly with your details.
The email addres is pals@midyorks.nhs.uk
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