"Discusting attitude from midwifes!!!"

About: Milton Keynes Hospital

Shocking disgraceful service recieved!!! I am absolutely discusted with the level of care in MK hospital. I ended up having a c-section due to a trainee midwifes error in telling me to push for 2x hours (when I was only 3 cm dialated). I was then transferred to a ward and was forced to breastfeed. I asked for a bottle and a midwife refused to give one to me and gave me a lecture instead about how beneficial Breastfeeding is for the baby. The next day I was notified that i was going to be discharged (an hour before the agreed time). I explained to the midwife that I can barely get out if bed and questioned whether it was safe for me to be discharged as I was leaking hell of alot of blood. The midwife argued with me (everyone in the ward could hear this convo) about the fact how women normally get sent home the next day after a c-section and that they need for me to free the bed - how rude/unprofessional. I just burst into tears. I asked to speak to a consultant. They refused to go and get one for me and said they are busy. I spoke to another midwife and explained everything and without question they called for a consultant. The consultant examined me and thought I may have an infection. They decided to keep me there for approx 4 days so they could keep a close eye on the wound. After 4 days I was discharged and the wound was healing well. I have logged a formal complaint to my midwife as I would not wish for anyone to experience what I have experienced. This was the first time I was in labour and I am absolutely discusted with the staff attitude. They are in the wrong profession as they lack the key skills/knowledge and people's skills. They need to understand how emotional it is for first time mums and how vulnerable patients feel, instead some midwifes have an attitude and like to throw authority. If you are planning to give birth at MK hospital, please don't let the midwifes bully you as they will try they're luck - especially the midwifes who are on night shifts. If you want to bottle feed, make sure you clearly tell them it is your decision as your the child's mum!

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