"I wouldn't treat anybody like the way I was treated"

About: Nevill Hall Hospital / Maternity care

(as the patient),

I went in on in 9 o'clock in the morning to be induced. I was checked I was 3 to 4cm I waited all day till 5 in the afternoon for a bed in delivery to start me off I understood this. They never offered me or my partner a drink since the time we arrived. When I was taken to labour ward I was taken by a student midwife Jo she was lovely talked me through everything and it was going well. Unfortunately her shift had ended. The rest is a blur, names can't remember.

When I was in active labour and I wanted to push I was pushing I got told I wasn't allowed to push another midwife came in shouting at me saying right I'm the best at getting women to push babies out come stop fussing let's get this baby out. She took the gas and air off me gave me the plastic mouth piece and told me to chew on that. The other midwife said I told her not to chew on it because of her teeth. In all this I was pushing getting told not to push and having an epidural I had to of these done and they said it was blocked the doctor came and told me to push. I said I couldn't because I was tired and the baby was stuck usual things most people say in labour.

The baby was stuck they then took me to theatre to have forcep delivery. They sat me on the edge of the bed to have a epidural as standard my contractions at that point was so strong from being induced. I then had a further 6 epidurals and none of them touched me I then had a spinal block.

 After what seemed forever I had my son. His face all blistered and head from the forceps and I really bad eye normal I'm guessing as it's my first. He born at 1. 22 I was then in the recovery room I was in there 5 mins when they took me up the on the ward. The carers then came around I couldn't walk or move then. I found out the carer’s name only afer I left the hospital cause none of the carers introduced them selves. As a carer myself we always have introduced ourselves to our clients. Anyway she came in and another one don't know her name but she was a lot nicer than the other one. The moved from the bed to the chair. Bear in mind I had no knickers or stantary pad only a cather. They under armed me sat me on a towel on the chair never offered me a drink or anything to eat.

 One of there carer’s had put the baby bottles on the opposite side of the bed I could stand or move to get the bottles I had to wait for my partner to come in to get them for me. No one checked on me or the baby all day no one came to empty my full catheter bag my partner had to do it. By the evening I had enough so. I asked my partner to stand me up to force myself to walk. Once I walked around the bed my partner asked could I have a shower, the carer talked to him like dirt. I stood up to walk to the showroom. There was blood on the chair and towel where they left me there like that for 9 hours.

The carer then ripped my catheter out and said it's falling out anyway. As a carer myself and dealing with catheters I have never seen that done before.  They walked me down the corridor with blood running down my legs. I started crying and they told me to stop crying and open my legs in the middle of the corridor and slapped a pad in between my legs.

 When my parents came to visit me they brought my little sister none of us knowing the rule didn't know children was allowed on the ward except the baby sister or brother. Anyway they came in the carer said to my dad she's not allowed in here my dad said why she said because she's not supposed to be here my dad asked could she sit in the waiting room outside the ward and my partner take the baby down. They said no she's not coming in here/ Needless to say it broke my little sister heart, she's only 9 mind.

By the next morning I couldn't wait 2 leave. As I was leaving I had no proper information on wound care as I had a really bad tear I had no proper discharge at all. After 2 days out from there my wound got infected and was rushed back down the hospital after 3 months I still haven’t fully recovered and I still can't get over my birth and how I was treated. As a carer myself I would never had treated someone or anybody the way I and also my partner and family was treated down there.

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