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(as the patient),

Asked to have my bone structure checked, because noticed that bones were really soft. A friend of mine gave me a bear hug, and I could feel my ribs collapsing, this has never happened before, coupled with the fact that all I seem to do is sleep. I also have an old history with pains around my virginal bone area and hip.

When I was under a previous GP in London I was on 1000? ? of Vitamin D.

I was one doctor at the local practice and he suspected that I might have arthritis; I mention that I should have just had a blood test taken. I said to the GP that I have just had blood taken for this. He said okay we will wait and see.

Around four days later, I received a call from one of the administration team at the surgery, advising me that the Dr said they would not provide me with Vit D. and that I would buy it from over the counter.

Was not happy because I know that I require a high strength, due to an underlying problem. And also that fact that I am suppose to be on free prescribtion.

I’ve had a look at the vit D in Tesco and their tablets only have 2. 5ug….. what is ug in relation to 1000.

I will be trying to see the first GP who suspects arthritis to see what he has to say.

Also the GP who directed the admin person to call me was not the same GP who questioned Arhtitis, and before she made her decision to dismiss me she would have been better off speaking to me and I would have given her the full history, she does not have the full picture, she was just just treating my case as a tike box case to close off the system.

If she had speken to me I would have told her the following.

1) around a year ago I was out shopping with my daughter, I stepped up on a stair and I felt a bone in my hip area go crack crack crack.

2) an x-ray could find the problem.

3) every time I go dancing iam crippled for three days and when I push myself on full activities or try to lift anything too heavy, like three shopping bag, I can feel the same bone area. So theres a hidden problem there.

4) a month agao I tried to walk to a woodland area with my daughter it took me longer than exspected, by the time I got back home I was crippled, the whole area had been fractured and it took me three week to recover, soi theres something wrong.

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