"my nurse refused to give me dressing to manage a cyst"

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(as the patient),

1) Recently I attended my GP practice because I had developed two large cysts on my stomach, the pain was agonising. I was prescribed some antibiotics; after leaving the nurse I went back and had to ask for dressing for the cyst, this was not automatic, (please note cyst have a tendency to contaminate another flesh area if they are not contained, I know this because I have been dealing with them for a very long time)

Now this is what rattled my cage, the three dressing I received from the nurse had been used up, the cyst was still oozing, because I had already seen the nurse two days previously I asked the reception for a prescription for some more dressing, similar to the ones I received from the nurse, as they were a lot smoother and less friction again my cysts. I was informed that they were not allowed to provide me with a prescription for dressing; this completely in sensed me, as this did not make sense.

I was told that I would have to make an appointment to see the nurse so that she could clean and dresses the cyst. I found this to be a complete waste for resources and NHS money, because I was seen two days before. What anger me further, was after seeing the nurse I pointed out to her that the second cyst had a head on it and it was going to erupt. The Nurse only gave me one dressing to carry me from Friday to Monday. I complained and said that I would need at least six replacement pads because I was bath am and pm. The Nurse then told me that she could not give me any more dressing and the only way I could get around this was to remove the old dirty dressing and re-use it after bathing. This made me mad, what kind of slackness is this. This kind of behaviour would only cause further infection. If someone told you this was the service they were giving your parent, it would make you angry, so why should I accept this. I have many years of experience in managing this problem. There was no way I was going to reuse dirty dressing, so I was forced to buy my own, I should not have to pay for my prescription, please see attached. (I would like to have this refunded back because I am exempted, please see attached) Is this what MP means when he says the NHS is safe our hands. Please understand I was grateful for the receptionist swift action in referring me to a nurse, as this releases the pressure from the GP, However if you have a large infection which is susceptible to erupt, spread and cause further infection and you’re in pain, the correct cause of action carried out by the last GP was antibiotics, pain killers. You see nurses are not doctors.

What make matters worse, after complaining to the practice manager, he has incorrectly made a statement stating that I had seen a GP two seeks later for the same cysts, and therefore they would not refund me my money back.

I find this statement very concerning, if such false statement can be made for wrong doing and it perseived that he will get away with this, they can do much worse and it will go undetected.

Understand this I have since been back to the gp last week for the same complaint and I was precribed mediction and dressing, please note from the monday to the friday a new cyst had reduced down to less the size of a pen head. So therefore how would a doctors prescribe me with medication for a cyst seen by a nurse two weeks previously, no doctors would do that, it would have had to have been something that he could see as a fresh and worthy cyst of medication and dressing.

1. Whats more, I have been in this area since last year, its not possible to have your own GP.

2, Its like your not important and the surgery is just a cattle ranch for farming us in and out by what every quickest means

3. We seem to be locked into a system that we cannot get out of. Im not happy with the service because I have multiple medical conditions and I have to keep repeating myself to different GPs and sometimes I find that they have not written down my previous conversations. ( we only get 10 minutes) I think this is very dangerous as no one will have accountability should any thing go wrong.

4. I searched on the internet for a single GP practice and I couldnt find one its all lock into these practices.

5. There are no walk in appointment systems.

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