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(as a relative),

My mum was sent by her local G. P. , to Boston hospital. she arrived at 6p. m. she was left in a queue, in the corridor, to wait for treatment. I arrived at 7p. m. to find her in the corridor on a trolley, at no point had anyone been to see how she was or if she needed anything. At 8. 15 she needed to use the toilet, she is 83 years old, has no mobility and if I had not been with her had no way of communicating with the very busy staff. It took 5 minutes to find a nurse to attend to her. she was taken to a booth and sat on a commode. she was told to ring a buzzer when she had done. for a full 20 minutes with her buzzer on and not until I went and found a nurse, she was left stranded in that booth. I am her son and could not without breaking her dignity help her. when a nurse arrived she was helped partially onto her trolley, then left stranded again, half on and half off the trolley. I had to find a porter myself and between us we helped her onto the trolley. at no point did anyone come to see how she was. when a nurse came to check her blood pressure at 10p. m. , I asked if someone could help her get comfortable on the trolley because she had slid down the trolley and the sheet had risen up and crumpled up underneath her bottom and was making her numb and very uncomfortable. the nurse told her to lift herself up, when I explained she was too weak to do this she asked me what I wanted her to do. flabbergasted I said I wanted my mum to be made comfortable. she had been on the trolley at least 4 hours by then. she grudgingly said she would go and find someone to help. 5 minutes later she returned and said she was on her own and there was no one to help her. I said I would help but was reluctant because I was scared of hurting her, having no knowledge of moving old people. we managed to get her into an upright position, and the nurse left with a face like thunder, at that point I seriously doubted that this nurse was a member of the "caring profession". My mum was seen by a doctor at 11p. m. , 5 hours after being admitted to a corridor of Boston Pilgrims Hospital. She was required to give a blood sample and I was told she would be admitted overnight. I left to go home, it took me three circuits of the unlit unmarked car park to find the exit, when I returned the next morning my mum told me she was put on ward 5 A, at 4. 40a. m. 83 years old can't breath can't walk further than 5 metres, left on a trolley 10 hours without any kind of voluntary care. Disgusting! , , , . and by the way apart from the 1 ignorant uncaring member of staff who felt it was a favour to help my mum, I would stress that no member of staff working that night, was lying around playing video games on their phone. they were all rushing around doing the best they could. hats off to all of them. however, I would dearly love to accompany the organisers of the hospital on a visit to A&E. When their octaganairian parents, God forbid, get admitted and observe how they judge the set up.

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Response from United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Dear Brnpet,

I am deeply saddened to hear that your Mother had such a distressing experience in A&E. Despite the acuity of the department, it is unacceptable to be treated with a lack of dignity and respect.

Please could you pass your contact details on to our PALS team (01205 446243, pals@ulh.nhs.uk) so I can investigate this incident and can address your concerns with the staff involved.

Kindest Regards

Kelly Harwood

Matron - Emergency Care

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