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About: Royal Oldham Hospital

From the wonderful toilet facilities to the expensive and deeply thought through reset each data exhibited in the walls of the hospital I commend you. However the realism of the everyday on F1 is beyond 'Faulty Towers'. I was admitted Saturday morning brought via ambulance to F1. It started with the person checking in new patients from triage without even meeting me diagnosing that I was fine to sit in a chair did several hours until a bed became free. Four hours earlier I was losing blood so badly yay my BP wa at 60 and I told the nurse I feel like I'm going to die. However this person felt they had the medical knowledge to diagnose my care needs. After a very ( quite astonishingly ) lucid rant from me I was flush a bed. The next 48 hours consisted of four different opinions to my huge loss of blood, lots of BP monitoring and and endless supply of painkillers. ( I wasn't in pain I was losing blood ) .

Sometime around midday the same day a doctor prescribed something to stop the bleeding - this was faken Saturday through Sunday. Sunday at 8am I wa measures for the 'stockings' to prevent I'm assuming DVT. The stockings never arrived. I couldn't walk anyway and my family has to take me to the loo in a Wheelchair - once in the loo I continued to lose around 2/3 tablespoon of clots each time. Sunday night they saw fit for me to go home and to return Tuesday for a scan.

Sunday night I lots about 8 tbsps of clots, we rang the hospital ward. 'She'll be ok if it gets worse than that - bring her in'

Monday I spent the day completely delerious, Monday night I couldn't sleep because I could hear my own heartbeat loudly on my ears. Tuesday my friend took me for the scan, I don't remember the journey, I remember collapsing in the hospital corridor and when scanned or remind clinging onto a nurse and saying 'I think I'm going to die'.

They lay me done and a doctor was called - 2 hours later the doctor ordered bloods - my HB was at 51 they admitted me and said I needed a. Blood transfusion ( two pints ) 6 hours later I'm lying on my bed with my friend beside me with excruciating headache and the blood arrives. I have one pint. It was as they were changing to my second pint that I realised I'm still losing a lot of blood - not as much but at least 1tblspn every hour, I also realised that hasn't given me any of the meds previously Prescribed to stop the bleeding!

Basic physics. - you poor liquid in - liquid comes out - volume consumed is lower than the outcome you intended!

I dragged myself the Drip stand and the blood to the very busy nurse station at 10.30pm to explain this basic methodology.

Suddenly well 20 minutes later the 'stop the bleeding meds arrive' ( I've now lost a full day on this medication.

The next day yet another on call doctor explains the fibroid they found or rather they explained the ones they found in 2014. I'll continue this at PALS and the local newspaper.

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