"Lots of missed care, hwever the treatment I..."

Before my appointment the staff at the desk didn't give me the leaflets I required before going up to see the nurse and they didn't put me down as 'arrived' so my nurse had to find me. The nurse then didn't weigh me, take my height or check my blood pressure. All that was done was an ultrasound. I was given a blood test to see if i was positive or negative, and yet not told why. Prior to the blood test if I had not known what the contraption was because my boyfriend is type one diabetic, I don't even know if i would've been told what it was. The following day there was new staff at the desk and they were friendly and helpful, however when at my appointment the first thing my nurse said was I needed an injection in my bum- not what the injection was or why. I was then told that it was because I had negative blood, and it was to do with what would happen during a 'second pregnancy' and told to research it. It was only now that I understood what the blood test was for the previous day. I was then given various pills, of which I had to ask what they all were and what they would do as it wasn't properly explained. I then left, taking my antibiotics for the next day home with the four pills in my mouth- I wasn't asked to stay for 30 minutes like a lot of other people say they are however I was happy about this. My treatment was adequate, and it worked. The actual abortion was simple, but I don't have a two week check up and wasn't told if this should be with my gp or them, I will just check up with my GP. If you already have all the information you want from online then this clinic will be fine, however I don't like scaring myself with things I read online and thought I would take the treatment as it came. I understand the nurses are under a lot of pressure as there are many appointments made in a day and the timing of these appointments is critical, I just wish I was walked through my treatment as it was happening. The one set of staff I found extremely helpful was my phone call consultation prior to my booking, they were thorough and explained everything they had to in depth. Again, do not feel this clinic is abhorrent as it was not, it was perfectly adequate if you're already clued up on all that will happen, the staff weren't rude or uninviting. But as someone who likes to know what is being done and suffers with anxiety in certain situations I found not knowing what was happening with my blood and injections frustrating.

Story from NHS Choices

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