"they call this a hospital that cares ,i think not"

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I collapsed with acute pains in stomach taken from burradon ,too a mickey mouse hospital in cramlington ,was in for around 8 hours, sayen I needed emergency operation as it was gall bladder problems was told I was to go on the ward they then changed their mind and threw me out filled with morphine too make my own way home in a taxi, I live on my own aged 66,they told me too go following day for a scan and mri scan saying I might have stones , a doctor tod me I had stones and sent me home for a second time after being there all day, so today it was meant to be my operation too have my gall bladder removed as it was seriously inflamed, so arrived at 8 then got thrown out around 4 my blood pressure was high all day ,they weren't bothered ,it took so many attempts too put a needle in my arm, was then very upset , then after all this was told operation cancelled as too many emergencys in,,well was livid ,,,,,, that's just one of those things but to be thrown out of a hospital 3 nights in a row is totally unacceptable,, I asked the doctor iff I had stones ,first they didn't no then there were then there not sure,,,professional people ,I have no comment on that,, iff I get a reply im not interested in an apology im not interested too hear yes it was frustrating for me ,,the person replyen too these comments are saying the same things too everyone, I was told the hospital will write too my doctor ,so I wonder who will be accountable iff anything happens too me, and everyone else who has suffered in the hands of this hospital, so the people who run this hospital lets hope they see all these complaints and move swiftly on learning the hard way on how too run a beautiful looking hospital on the outside but certainly is a couldn't care less attitude on the inside ,,,,, so too finish this after being told it was a very serious situation then all of a sudden being told it was an emergency hospital ,,,,,, I am very aware of that fact I came in as an emergency, so from an emergency with an inflamed gall bladder too be told we will write too your doctor,,,,,,

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Response from Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital

Dear Linda,

Many thanks for taking the time to share your review. You raise a number of important points about your care that warrant investigation, just to let you know we have asked both our surgical and emergency care teams to look into why you were asked to return to us 3 times in 3 days. It is clear how frustrated and angry you are about the care you received and whilst you don’t want a flippant apology, I would like to genuinely say sorry for the gaps in care that are reported in your review.

I would be very grateful if you would be willing to work with us to help us understand more about how your care felt for you. I would urge you to email me privately so we can discuss this at greater length. My email address is Annie.Laverty@nhct.nhs.uk.

Please be assured that we do care a lot about all the patient feedback that we receive as a trust, good or bad. We listen to the views of 50,000 people every year and we know how much this helps us.

Whilst we acknowledge that we won’t always get it right, we are keen to learn about how to continually improve care. We are also sometimes not able to provide a satisfactory response at all times for all people. We are nonetheless very grateful to everyone who takes the time to review our care.

It is a shame that our replies on this website have felt very repetitive for you. We work hard to try and make sure that is not the case by providing what we hope is a personal response. Do let us know what more we could do to improve this.

With all best wishes,


Annie Laverty – Director of Patient Experience