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About: Huddersfield Royal Infirmary

Hi, On 19th July 2016 I was admitted to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary by ambulance. I was doubled over in terrible pain; the ambulance crew were brilliant setting up a pain killing drip and after quite a while I was able to be transported. I was fast tracked through A&E having a blood test which revealed a urine infection so I was prescribed antibiotics and by now feeling a lot better was allowed home. At home I immediately took two of the antibiotics with water thinking this was the end of the problem. About an hour later as the pain killer was wearing off the pain returned with a vengeance and not only this time was I doubled up in agony I was vomiting into the bathroom sink. Not wishing to call the ambulance again I asked my lovely wife Bron to dial 111 for advice; Bron cannot drive and is ill herself so seeing me in this dreadful state was distressing her a great deal; over half an hour passed whilst I suffered the outcome was Bron should get me to A&E? Bron called in our Neighbour Terry who was aghast when he saw me and Terry very kindly drove us to the A&E at HRI. Once again I was fast tracked through A&E the staff being truly wonderful. This time I had X rays taken plus the usual blood test. Bron was worn out so now I was in good hands I suggested Bron and Terry return home as they could do nothing else to help me. I was moved from A&E around midnight onto Ward 9 a private room. By 1am I had a drip fitted and the paperwork was done. By 2:30am exactly 24 hours after the problem started I was feeling more settled and comfortable; everyone had been so good to me. At around 4am a doctor introduced themself and set about fitting me with a catheter and also ran a tube into my stomach attaching this to a bile bag; my stomach was emptied. I commented that it was so good to have a room with a view and even a Christmas tree? I could see in the distance Emley Moor mast which was nicely lit up. Nurses came and went; each time the door opened a nurse was asking if it was OK to take my blood pressure or take a blood sample; other nurses had been injecting me including an injection into my tummy to prevent blood clots in my legs; I lost track of the number of blood pressure tests etc. When I was admitted to the ward I was kindly asked if I would like pyjamas but I declined thinking I would soon be discharged however another nurse introduced themself and suggested the catheter would be more comfortable if I changed into pyjamas and they were right about this; I had been laying flat out which was proving uncomfortable and the nurse sorted this out by demonstrating how to use the control to adjust the bed. I am indebted to all who cared for me. It's possible the problem could be related to previous Crohn's surgery? I would like to take this opportunity to offer my most sincere thanks to everyone at HRI; you are the tops. Kindest regards, Colin Wood.

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