"Why is Blackpool CAMHS only up to 16 we are adults we are still under the age of 18 I'm still a child"

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(as the patient),

Well I'm deaf I can't used Blackpool CAMHS because I'm 16 and CAMHS say I'm a adult when Manchester Deaf CAMHS are more helpful because they still care about us 16 and 17 years old not like Blackpool CAMHS it makes me think that Blackpool CAMHS don't care about 16 and upwards and won't support us lucky for me I have Manchester Deaf CAMHS but Blackpool is my hometown where I live and they are not offered support because I a adult when I not because we are still under 18.

Doesn't mean because we get national Insurance at 16 and get a part time job dosnt mean we are adults because we are not and not 18 legal.

I very angry and upset because 16 and17 olds are paired up with adults  as adults mental health services which is not right what if it was you

I angry and upset that my hometown think mental health wise that at 16 am a adult because a no a still a child not 18 when turn 18 fine not at 16-17.

I want you to change it or whoever can if you don't I would like changed otherwise I want something doing about it there not just no me other 16-17 olds you down you are support is with mental health and I having to get help from a team that care and want to help me with my mental health and know about my disability As deafness.

Your basically saying we can't help 16-17 old because you adults when I and other children in Blackpool when we are children because we are not 18 yet?

And that looks like discrimination to age and disability wise.

I not here to make you feel bad but I hurts that you are not supporting me and my services don't help me where I live. I have already have to go to Manchester for my chochlear implants appintemts and do you really think I really need to go to Manchester for my mental health as well?

I just want to know the reason why you think  16 olds are adults when we are children under 18 this do hurt please do reply otherwise I doing something about it and please I only asking to change it to that 16-17 olds are a child.

Because Manchester Deaf CAMHS goes up to 18 and am a child at Manchester Deaf CAMHS but not in my hometown I find that really upsetting and angry. And I'm 16 and a child I not 18 yet and not a adult at 16.

Please reply otherwise I doing something about this. 😡😢

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Response from Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Thank you for sharing your opinion about the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) for Blackpool. We are always working to improve the services we offer to our patients and this starts with listening to what your experience of care has been like to understand what we could do differently.

The CAMHS service is currently only commissioned to accept referrals for children and young people up to the age of 16 who are experiencing moderate to severe mental health problems. However if a young person has turned 16 and has been accessing this service before their 16th birthday, they can continue to receive access to CAMHS Blackpool for a fixed period of time.

We appreciate your frustrations with the way this service is currently commissioned and we want to reassure you there are plans to extend the CAMHS Blackpool service to receive referrals for children and young people up to the age of 19. Whilst this is being reviewed we are encouraging young people to self-refer to the Connect Counselling service on (01253) 655858 which is available for people up to the age of 25.

We recognise your request to become personally involved in getting the CAMHS referral age extended and wondered whether you would be interested in doing a patient story about your experiences of accessing CAMHS Blackpool? If you would please contact me on 01253 955520 / e-mail: Eleanor.Walsh@bfwhospitals.nhs.uk We also have a young person’s Patient Panel in the Trust called ‘Victoria’s Voice’ who get children and young people actively involved in the trusts services by attending regular meetings and discussions with clinical staff where they can put their opinions and ideas across. If this is something you would be interested in please contact Rebecca Addey, Patient Experience Officer for Children and Young People on 01253 956652, e-mail: Rebecca.Addey@bfwhospitals.nhs.uk.

Thank you once again for leaving feedback.

Yours sincerely

Eleanor Walsh

Patient Experience and Involvement Manager