"Hysteroscopy and attempted polypectomy"

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(as the patient),

I have always had a very 'normal' 30 day menstrual cycle but after a very heavy sudden bleed I went to my GP where she saw quite quickly that I had a large growth in my cervix, she referred me to Royal Preston Hospital and I had an appointment booked within 5 days by 5pm. At this appointment the consultant inspected my cervix and advised that I had a large polyp and should not be worried as very few are cancerous. She then referred me to Chorley Hospital for a Hysteroscopy and possible polypectomy last Sept 2015. I was given a map, an appointment card and a leaflet for a hysteroscopy examination. The leaflet advised that I could have slight period type pain and to take 2 paracetamol 30 mins before the procedure. I have had smear test and cervical samples taken previously and so trusted this guidance.

My Dad drove me to Chorley hospital, I arrived and waited. I was then checked for blood pressure and saw my consultant and her trainee to confirm the procedure. I was then taken to a room to remove clothing and put a surgical skirt on. I went in and sat on the chair, the nurses commented on having a 'young one for in here' which made me a little nervous but I joked about my age and that I did have a babyface but had no children. The consultant then came in with the trainee, I just tried to relax and breathe as they inserted the tools and the camera. I felt some cramping but just tried to stay calm and the nurses spoke to me more to distract me. The consultant said the polpy was very large and asked to take a picture of it which I consented to. She said the root was thick and seemed unsure to do anymore but then asked a nurse to pass her something, I then had severe pain almost like someone was trying to rip my insides out and I screamed and burst into tears. The consultant then stopped and said it was too big to remove, I could not stop crying and shaking. The consultant and the trainee left the room whilst the nurses cleaned up. I just lay in shock, the nurses had to tell me I could close my legs as I just froze. After sometime I tried to get up and then saw the skirt covered in blood, I hobbled to the side room to use a maternity pad and dress myself. I still could not stop crying, the consultant told me she was referring me back to Preston to have the polyp removed under local or general aneasthetic and then sat in the waiting room. It took a while to feel ready to go out to my Dad and head home. That evening I was sore but took my painkillers and rested.

Then the next day I struggled to get out of bed, my stomach was hard to the touch and it was agony to straighten my body. I could not stand up straight, or get up from sitting/lying down. I had to then call in sick for work for the next 2 days.

From this date I also starting passing heavy clots every few days, ranging in size from the equivalent of my thumb to just being able to hold it cupped in my palm. I would pass these from every 10-60 mins constantly for 8-10 hours. I was back and forth to my GP and Royal Preston hospital, one GP actually asked to look and she said the clots were behind the polpy and could be from the attempted removal at the hysteroscopy. I was signed off sick from work and given multiple meds to try to control the clotting. Within a month I became anaemic.

At the end of Nov 2015 I had the 'large fleshy' polyp removed under general anaesthetic at Royal Preston Hospital and have had no irregular bleeding at all. I had less pain and problems from this than the hysteroscopy 'procedure' which sadly I will never be able to forget.

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