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"Receptionist at walk in totally lets this..."

About: Arrowe Park Hospital

We attended the Walk-In Centre in the evening time of Wednesday last week and there was a receptionist who was totally rude. This receptionist was not friendly to children whatsoever, told them that singing was not allowed and when they asked for a piece of paper to draw on, they made it so difficult and awkward for the children.

They then told them that they are only allowed one each. When they coloured lovely pictures for the receptionist, my eldest who is 7 years old wanted to give them his picture with 'be happy' written on the top this speaks volumes for me. I told him not to give it to them so instead he asked for another picture to colouring. The receptionist refused telling him and my 3 year old they are only allowed one each. They were really impatient and agitated with everyone that attended the desk to be booked in. I will not be attending this walk-in centre again because feeling unwelcome is an understatement this is a real shame because this Hospital is to me a great Hospital, the receptionist has let it down

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