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About: Skelmersdale Walk in Centre

This is an easy one. I went to the walk in centre concerned that i may have cracked a bone in my foot. As i entered the walk in centre i walked past a big blue sign measuring approx 20 feet by 10 feet that states there are no xray facilities at this centre. Upon walking to the reception desk I passed a further 2 A4 signs in large bold black and red print stating that there are no xray facilities in this centre. The receptionist was a vision smiling and polite with another a4 sized sign planted right in front of them in large bold print stating again that there are no xray facilities at this centre and a bright neon sign above them stating there was a 1 to 2 hour wait. At this point something began to happen. I could the feel the billions of neurons in my brain begin transmitting millions upon millions of electrochemical signals all within the blink of an eye - as the frontal lobe of my neo cortex began to instaneously process the multiple fuctions of reasoning, problem solving, judgement and impulse control (the basic functions that grant us our status on the food chain and allow us to be human) i began to wonder what kind of people worked here. Within a mere nanosecond I considered then dismissed the foolish notion that Superman or any other superhero with the powers of xray vision would be employed here and in all probability it would be nurses just as the big blue sign states. The one that states there are no xray facilities. As i turned to leave i passed a single celled ameoba explaining to a chimpanzee with a severe limp that he might just be at the wrong place whilst pointing at the sign that there are no xray facilities at this centre. This whole episode took up approx 15 minutes of precious time. I think the the NHS should take responsibilty for my actions and shockingly poor powers of observation and spend thousands of its stretched to breaking point budget on huge high definition Audio visual displays and employ teams of mime artists and entertainers to drive home the message through the medium of dance that there are no xray facilities at this centre. Sort it out

Angry in Appley Bridge

Story from NHS Choices

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