"WARD D41."

About: Sunderland Royal Hospital

I was woken up early and told to come to the hospital immediately as I was going for surgery,after finding someone to drive me to Sunderland I found the ward and they sat me in a waiting room, then put me on a bed as my pain area was my bum so I find sitting hard. I was told about my surgery and told it would be soon. I then waited approximately 4 hours before a surgeon told me they might not be able to fit me in till tomorrow, would I like to go home or wait incase they could fit me in? Obviously after coming out of bed and waiting for what was now 5 hours I wanted to wait. While waiting I was given a large amount of painkillers for my pain. After another hour they came back in a rush talking very fast about not having surgery anymore and waiting for a MRI scan... When I said I was confused they replied 'what is there not to understand' they were very loud and looked like they had no time to be stood there with me. I've never felt so uncomfortable. I then said what did they want me to do? And they said 'I've told you what to do' so I said I wanted the fastest option to be better they then said 'your pain isn't more important than other people's pain' I was very upset by this as I wasn't implying it was at all. They then let me leave the ward in tears, when I got to the lift I realised I had a canular in, so I returned for a nurse to take it out, I saw the surgeon and asked them if it would be possible for me to stay & hopefully I could slot into a cancellation and I was in too much pain to be travelling home. They said they would find a room... I got to a bed and a new nurse came over and said 'you realise you might not get a scan for days? Don't you want to go home...' After this and the painkillers kicking in finally I stood up and said you have all made it very clear you don't want me here, so I'll go. And I left in floods of tears and very drugged up. With have Crohn's disease I've been in & out of hospital but I've never been treat so awfully and felt so and for being there, I have to remind myself that they rang me To go there! I have never felt so unwelcome and been treat so badly in my life. If it wasn't for my history with my specialist doctor & nurse I would be transferring to South Shields.

Story from NHS Choices

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