"Despicable treatment"

About: Avon And Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust

My brother was sent to Hill view lodge by his GP as he was experiencing a psychotic episode. I was called to his side and I spent 6 hours in a room with my brother in an uncontrollable state and a 'care professional' who eventually deemed that my brother should take a sleeping tablet and go home as getting some sleep will make him better! I had to spend an hour in front of this 'professional' trying to convince my brother that I wasn't trying to poison him and that he was safe.I took my brother to my parents house for the night as Hill view lodge made it clear they do not admit patients and that he didn't need sectioning even though this was aan exact repeat of a previous episode which resulted in sectioning.Needless to say it went wrong my parents had to call the police because the emergency number Hill view lodge had given me, they did not want to know! We spent 8 hours in an AA&E department my brother in handcuffs and the hospital trying to get the police to carry out a section 37 to get him removed from the hospital! They said it wasn't a place of safety for my brother! It was only after I raided merry hell and threatened to complain, combined with amazing police officers who refused to do what the hospital wanted that my brother was assessed and guess what.....sectioned like I had previously asked 24 hors earlier! My brother was then sent from facility to facility for 2 weeks ending back at Hill view!! The stress and anxiety that these 'professionals' caused my brother, my mother who will never get over seeing her son pushed to the ground and handcuffed just because he was ill, and myself is unacceptable. The treatment initially by these 'professionals' was despicable and to even think that giving a sleeping tablet will magically cure someone in an acute psychotic episode is beyond me! I appreciate that services across the board are stretched but surely common sense prevails when you have someone in front of you clearly in distress. The police force, the RUH were all appalled at how my brother was treated and I made damn sure everyone who I dealt with during it all knew exactly who was to Blame!

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