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(as the patient),

I have over the past approx 7 years received both in and out patient care and the majority was good. It was decided that most of my care should be focused on psychological therapies.

I received the due course of psychology and then was assessed by the head of psychotherapy around 5 years ago. I was referred and received helpful psychotherapy sessions. The Dr who did these said that I was suitable for more of these sessions as long as a 6 month break had passed. I felt ok after 6 months but was struggling after about 18months and asked to go back.

Its from this I have been messed around. The department deny he said I could have more sessions. I have not been seen by any trained health professional from the department in over 5 years yet they want me to attend a therapy group that my psychotherapist told me would not be beneficial for me. How can I be believed suitable for a certain therapy when no one has assessed me through psychotherapy in 4 years.

So I am left with no recent assessment by a psychiatrist ( yes medication did not work in the past. However scenarios can change and medication combinations have not even been tried). I feel I am being coerced to attend a therapy group for people who have a condition that I do not have.

My depression has been getting progressively worse since the start of the year.

Lack of support has meant that I had to quit my job this year and I feel that I am left to struggle on my own. I would like to note that the OT tried to help but felt I was not well enough at present.

Also with my ESA and PIP assessments due all at the same time I feel I have no one to help me with this and no ones name to give for back up evidence. If I do not get this and I am refused this will put a lot of pressure on me which I feel is unfair.

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Response from Laura Gray, Director of Corporate Communications, NHS Grampian

Dear Torvean

I am sorry that you feel so isolated and concerned about your current care. I realise that you feel that your situation is deteriorating and that other worries are adding to your distress.

Thank you for highlighting the good aspects of your care and individuals who have tried to help you.

If you feel able to do so I would encourage you to make an appointment with your GP. This will give your GP the opportunity to consider making a new referral or to direct you to other support that he or she is aware of. Your GP will be able to assess the best way forwards and I think this would be helpful for you.

I hope that you are able to make an appointment and that this leads to the right response for you.

Kind regards

Laura Gray

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Update posted by Torvean (the patient)

Im quite insulted by this reply although im sure this was not your intention. Im well aware that the GP is the first port of call. My GP does their job role perfectly well. It seems though that in particular psychotherapy are not held accountable to anyone. Surely a therapy recommended by a psychotherapist ( and guaranteed to a patient) should be given to a patient. Would a patient's physical illness be treated or be ignored or an assessment refused if necessary over a 5 years period. Yet apparently this is ok in psychotherapy in particular and to a degree psychology.

Im well aware there are budget cuts and I understand waiting times are long. However not being seen at all does wonders with someone who already feels worthless through depression.

My depression is so bad some days that I dont go out or see anyone. I struggle with self care. Some days I dont eat. Im stressed out by being forced to fill in forms to describe my illness. I have no one to help me manage my illness. I dont want to be in the hospital. I want to be given support so I can learn to manage and function like a regular member of society. Is it wrong to ask for help, seems to me it is.

I have not been let down by my GP. They are the only current health care professionals that help. I feel I have been let down by psychiatry and psychologically who dont see the whole person and seem to prejudge on other health professionals opinions or old notes. How much would it hurt to do a new assesment. People change and ilnesses can change too. I am by no means the same person I was when I was diagnosed first. Maybe if someone asked appropriate questions would they see that. Im sure it wasnt your intention but please dont assume that the fault lies with the patient not seeing a GP.