"Broken left side molar"

About: Newcastle Dental Hospital

Arrived at NDH rather late yesterday morning and was advised by the reception staff that they were super busy and cant garuntee that i would be seen. They told me if i came back at 1pm then i would 100% be seen.

I agreed and was given a number 4 ticket.

1pm - After registaring all my details i.e name address and medical background i was asked to be seated in the waiting area. Even though i was number 4 (assuming number 1 2 and 3 didnt turn up) i was called first.

I was greeted and before I even got in the room i explained how nervous i was and they assured me that it would be ok. we sat and i answered yes/no questions for 5 mins and then they had a look in my mouth at the broken molar. After about 5 minutes of looking around my mouth they explained a few things and then asked their supervisor to double check before letting me go.

I was asked to go to xray. After handing my notes in at the window i just sat down and my name was already being called. Xray over and done in less than 5 minutes just had to wait for it to be developed about 5-10 minutes. After my xray i was told i could wait in the reception waiting area and someone would be with me soon. About 15 minutes after leaving xray my junior dentist asked me if we could use a different room as it was a "bit more quiet" at first i thought it was because of how nervous i was.

but when i saw signs for oral surgery i kind of knew what was about to happen. We reached the new room and was greeted by 2 other dentists.. again so oblivious i cant remember names. I remember how lovely and honest they were. The dentist showed me the xray and pointed out the issue.. i was then given 3 options! 1 - leave it 2 - root filling 3 - extraction

They told me that leaving it is not recommended, root filling was a fix but not a permenant one and the extraction would be done under local anestetic.. i opted for extraction! In less than 10 minutes i was numb and toothless.. didnt even realise that they were finished! The dentist did a superb job all whilst keeping me calm.. i was talked through every step. Afterwards i was given an aftercare sheet with some do's and donts and a phone number to call if i needed them urgently and then sent on my way! Its now been 6 days and im pain free.. although my gum is still a little tender. I honestly can not thank all staff that had to deal with me enough.. if there was more dentists like you in the world i wouldnt have a problem registaring with one! I wish you all the luck in the world with your careers! I would like to apologise for the long review, but as a nervous patient i was reading all these reviews before attending the hospital and i have to say i was put off by most.

i highly reccomend newcastle dental hospital.

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