"COITY CLINIC/WARD 14 - Failures to treat patient"

About: Diana, Princess Of Wales Hospital

Do not go to this ward if you want to get better!!! The staff do not tread patients here with respect. They are judgemental and rude. They are agressive in their tone and their body language - I had a senior nurse put their hand up in my face to tell me to be quiet. They refuse to treat dual dianosis patients and lay all the blame on the patient rather than looking into serious mental health issues they have. They look for any exucse to discharge a patient, regardless of how vulnerable they are. The staff spend most of their day in the office gosspiing and not with patients, they offer no other type of therapy only medication, of which it seems they highly medicate patients for an easy life (or so they dont have to come out of the office and deal with anything) there is nothing on the ward that is in any form mentally stimulating. The staff members are catty and always talking about each other behind each others backs.

They are rude to visiting family members and do not seem to have the patients best interestes at heart at all. It is very obvious that these nurses and health care assistants do not want to work on this ward, but clearly need the money.

Patients are spoken down to and treated very poorly by the staff, lets face it, its the staff (supposedly sane) word against the patient who is on the ward for mental health issues!!!!

This ward needs to be visited by the CQC as they need to make drastic changes if they actually want to start treating patients for mental health conditions rather than making them worse.

Story from NHS Choices

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