"A rude staff who doesn't care to communicate..."

I brought my 11 year-old to Specsavers, Windsor for an eye-test. During the test optician A said a few times, “this is no good”, “this is bad” & made unhappy noises, which made my child very nervous, anxious and imagining the worst. Finally, optician A couldn’t get a prescription and asked me if it was okay to apply dilation eye drops to them. The optician said that my GP will administer the eye drops in the clinic. I told them that I will be returning to Singapore in October and that I will do the eye dilation test there, and so there’s no need to do it here. The optician asked me why did I come and I said to make glasses and I didn’t know that this eye dilation matter will come up. (Because they asked me if it is okay to put eye drops, I thought I had a choice). The optician said they will still write the letter to my GP (and I thought I’ll talk to my GP about doing it in Singapore then). While waiting for the letter, twice staff asked me to book an appointment to come back to Specsavers. I asked, “What for?” they said for the eye dilation test. I was confused because optician A did mention before about my GP doing dilation, not Specsavers. I explained to the staff that I have told optician A I will be doing the eye dilation test in Singapore and that they were okay with it (Optician A didn’t say not okay or talk more about it, so I read it as okay. Probably a miscommunication here.) I asked some questions but the staff was quiet. So I said if it was NHS? They gave an uncertain nod. I don’t know what was going on. I asked them to check with optician A. Then optician B came and rudely told me off saying that I just used NHS money, they have a duty of care. I said I can pay for the service I’ve used. The optician said I can’t and said why did I come, that they do not care what I do in Singapore, my kid is a child, I can do whatever I want with the test result and they have to cover themselves. This was the first time I was told the reason I had to bring my child back for the eye dilation test, and it was in a telling off. Why didn’t anyone communicate properly with me so far? Duty of care is good reason, so I made the appointment despite optician B’s rudeness which I endured without returning the rudeness. Then I asked who will be doing the eye test, to which Optician B again rudely answered, “An optician!”. Their tone indicated I shouldn’t ask any more questions & that they will not answer. Wasn’t it reasonable for a mother to ask who will be doing the eye test (especially after the eye test experience with optician A mentioned above)? Obviously, there had been a misunderstanding between the staff and I due to pre-conceived ideas about procedures - I don’t mind that. But I do mind optician B’s totally uncalled for rudeness, especially when I had been civil all the time. The next day, I found out from NHS customer care that I don’t have to go back to Specsavers, Windsor, & that I can go to a different optician. Good, I don’t have to put up with optician B anymore.

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