"My DNA and bodily fluids are all over the..."

About: Queen's Hospital, Burton Upon Trent

My opinion? Let down. Not informed about my own care. If intent and speak up I'm austrosized. The obsession with the date of my last monthly period (how many times do you have to say I've been celibate for 5 years!! And therefore don't care for dates anymore). Doctor tor came in with a sterile pack. Didn't wash their hands. Didn't use gloves and got my blood all over their hands. They didn't wash their hands after getting blood on them and proceeded to touch everything in the room from switches to doors. They used the contaminated waste bin (yellow bin) as a desk. When you're being examined other doctors will just walk into your consulting room no matter how decent you are. This has happened many times to me and my dignity and privacy is always shaken to the core. So doctor walks off to reception to make a phone call - not washing their hands and spreading my DNA all over the place. God know what bugs they placed on me.

I am whisked from room to bed having no idea what medication I'm being given or what they plan to do with me. As far as I am aware I was given one dose of antibiotics them they stopped it. My medication on admission was wrong and I was discharged with missing and wrong medication. I had to self certify for medication as the hospital didn't hold any of my medications! Vital to keeping my condition as stable as possible! Then the nurse got moody because I wouldn't hand over my medication and emphasises that I am 'allegedly' self medicating?! What?! Attitude!! I don't trust them with my medication! Let alone my health as I'm not told what's going on and when I ask I'm treated like an annoying fly. I'm a human being not a patient number! I've been told by a local GP that I should go to A&E this evening as my condition has got worse, but you know what? I'd rather die in my own bed than go back there to be treated like I always do. Don't get me wrong there are an extremely small minority of lovely male and female nurses in the assessment centre but elsewhere, especially the doctors; communication and being treated like a human being is lacking. I can't help but feel that the doctors have some kind of higher complex which makes them look down, not communicate and not involve patients like me in my own care. You take the medication or have nothing attitude. This hospital seriously needs to get that doctor in the ambulatory care before they cross contaminate the whole hospital with the winter vomiting virus at winter or something else serious, if they don't catch a disease before then. It could potentially be an amazing hospital but has a long way to go. I'm not going to waste my energy with pals. If the hospital can't self scrutinise and if I get identified then should I get seriously ill, I stand no chance.

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