"One Nurse Ruined My Experience"

About: Ealing Hospital

I had 2 dental appointments at the Ealing hospital. Nothing really had been done so far, gone home without the operation. But it was not what I was unhappy about. I was actually quite happy regarding the way they were being careful of my case (that they wanted to check and have different scans before going ahead the operation). Even though I will have to go back there again for at least couple more times.

Everyone was very friendly and helpful, except one nurse. The first time I went there, they told me to go to the x-ray department. “Go there, turn there, left, right, right, left, then turn right, very easy, blah blah.” I was not 100% sure, so I asked again, and they repeated then said, “It’s very simple. I don’t know how to make it easier.” All I wanted was just to make sure I knew how to get there and came back without getting lost (after all it was my first time to Ealing Hospital). Anyway, it was not so hard to find and get back, but I was not impressed by her attitude. What if it was an elderly?

I recently went back for my 2nd appointment. The doctor suggested another scan, and they had problem booking it. They asked the same nurse. They told me to go to the x-ray department to book it myself, then come back with the date they give me and tell them.

I was a bit confused as I had no idea why I had to walk back and forth and did all these by myself, what was the computer system there for? Anyway, when that nurse said, “Come back and tell me the date and time.”

I wanted to make sure I could be able to “tell them” (because nurses run around busy busy, and should I just knock on door by door to find her?!) So I asked if I should tell the receptionist instead.

That nurse was basically ignored what I was asking and just repeat the same old “Go-to-the-x-ray-department-then-come-back-and-tell-me-the-date!” over and over again. Do I look stupid? Or they assumed that I was stupid?

I know working in a NHS hospital is very stressful with long hours, but there is no excuse of being impatience and assume people are not listening to directions. Please listen carefully to what people have to say and concern! It is such a shame, because everyone else was very helpful.

Story from NHS Choices

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