"Left to get on with it"

About: Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

I was booked in to have an induction at 40+13 days. I was questioned many times about why i was there, which left me feeling very uncertain why i was actually there! I arrived at about 2pm. On my first evening i was told the delivery suite was very busy, which of course i accepted if other women are already in labour then naturally they needed the delivery suite more than myself. At about 9pm one of the midwives came to tell me that they thought i would be taken down soon so my birthing partner should stay with me, the next time i saw anyone was about midnight when a member of staff came to check my blood pressure. The member of staff did not seem happy that my partner was there and told him to leave saying there was no way anything would happen that night. So i stayed alone awake because there were women screaming in pain all around me. I started having contractions that night, they were quite far apart and fairly mild at this point but they put me on a moniter and said nothing more about it, i didn't really know what was happening. When the morning shift arrived a lovely midwife did come to introduce themself which was nice but then they asked me what was happening my heart sunk, i didn't really know?? The midwife told me i should eat breakfast and to walk around,so i did. The contractions were getting more painful, so i told them and they gave me paracetamol.Not too much later that day there was a poor lady next to me on the maternity ward (just a curtain divide) saying she was in excruciating pain screaming in pain, the doctor said they would only give her paracetamol as her contractions were very wide apart. about 5 mins later she gave birth on the maternity ward! It was not really what any of us wanted to witness at that point but thankfully mum and baby were ok. I didn't really see any staff for a long time, when i did see a midwife i asked if i could just go home and come back when a delivery suite was available, I already had a 5 year old boy at home who needed me. I was told i'd lose my slot if i did, so i stayed another night wide awake with everything going on around me! I was exhausted by this point and hardly had the energy to do anything let alone give birth! The next day was a complete blur, I was in pain, but they seemed to ignore me, i had been friendly and patient especially considering my circumstance.Finally on that night i was taken to the delivery suite,although almost not though because i heard the midwife examine another lady who was 3-4 cm dialated and they were going to take her! When i got there i was 8-9 cm dialated, and the midwife there was sympathetic that i had gone so far with just a bit of paracetamol and zero sleep for days! I gave birth within 1 hour 45 mins and i couldn't wait to get out of there! Giving birth is enough stress on your body, this whole experience added to mine. I would not recommend this hospital!

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