"Misdiagnosed break"

I was at Frome Hospital with my parents just under 2years ago March-April 2015 I was 10-11 years ago. I went to the hospital and because we arrived over 5:00pm and the X-ray was not in use,so we had to go back the next day. I was bandage up and given crutches. We went back the next day had the X-ray the results were no fracture. Thank god. They said it was a ligament so I decided to start practicing walking with out crutches it hurt and didn't feel right but I thought it was natural so I carried on.

6 months later, I went back with my mum because I was in lost of pain. The nurse brought us in to the consulting room and i lay down on the bed they went way. Next thing they comes back with a file sat down opposite my mum and said "Oh yes you had a fracture", they said this in the most discontent didn't give a dame king a voice. My mum had words with them. We don't referred to Bath Hospital and had a 'proper' xray and nothing could be seen so all good.I had to go back and have a MRI lucky i am all fine. The doctor did they would have pit it in a cast anyway because of the small fracture. Between this and the accident me and my family flew all the way to Toronto Canada. I would just like to say thank u Bath Hospital and shame on you Frome, how dare you call yourself a hospital. Thankfully I have had not had complications in walking I am only 13 nearly 14 and if i did have problems in walking, well lets just say I will never step foot in your hospital again.

Story from NHS Choices

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