"Left in wet knickers for five days "

About: Croydon University Hospital

(as the patient),

Unfortunately a couple of months back returning from a day trip I had a bad seizure and ended up at mayday in Croydon/Thornton Heath. At first, as a few times before I was in a&e minors then majors where their care is excellent, as is their communication but unfortunately I was transferred to the medical assessment unit. Here I was treated badly by certains nurses, one both accusing me of needing to be in a mental institution because I said I was so bored I could scream, this same nurse then rang my mum and, in my opinion, started gossiping about me and breaking patient confidentiality.

When I had a seizure despite a medical protocol a giant male doctor gave me a sternal rub which is painful and I do not think that this should not be performed on a woman by a man. The nurse said if my seizures were real they could do whatever they wanted to me becase I wouldnt know. As my protocol says my seizures are from brain injury not epilepsy and I remain aware.

I am one person but they tried to send an xray request for a chest x ray 3 times. At breakfast I had a barely luke warm wattery thing that was being given as tea, and a bowl of porridge which was luke warm, watery and poured out of a coffee flask.

I was then taken onto the short stay ward where I was served tomato soup when I am severely allergic to tomato but apart from this the staff were lovely, respectful and understanding,

After this I was transferred to a long stay ward where I found many of the staff were rude and often left the help buttons beeping for ages. I was told I was too big for a nighty or disposable nickers and told it was my seizures not my health they were caring for. This means from the saturday until the following wednesday afternoon I was in the same pair of nickers which is bad but because I have seizures as most others when I have a seizure I wet. The final day I managed to get them annoted enough they gave me disposable undies. A lovely patient on the ward gave me a pair of socks. Apart from wandering to say hi to a couple of patients and use the loo I didnt go anywhere but the next morning the white soles were black and when I took my socks off to have a shower there was a patch on the shower floor like sludge which was dirt from my feet.

My stay took my emotions and self confidence were very very low.

However from my experience the hospital the best by far for cleanliness,facilities, patient care and catering is St Peters. Its an excellent hospital

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