"Gyneacology department very dissapointing!"

About: Fairfield General Hospital

I been diagnosed with the Polyp on my cervix.I been referred to Fairfield hospital for an examination. I was referred to doctor and the doctor was talking to me in very bad and humiliating manner.

The doctor asked me why I dont have a children in very bad and discriminative way.It is my choice would I have children or not but the doctor was talking to me as I ws not worty to live in this earth because of my decision. I had my routine check up abroad and they discovered this polyp and because od that the doctor treated me badly thinking that I come to the UK to fix my problem. I am British citizen and I only went private to have full check up because I visited my parents and because It was cheaper there to fully have my check up including papa test, ultrasound and breast check up . Those examinations are part of routine in that country and it is done every year. Here in the UK I can have only papa test done every three years but without the ultrascan so that was the only reason I did it abroad.I give my results to my GP in Rochdale and they refered me to Yout hospital. This gynecologist was talking to me as I was three years old and disrespect me by tone of their voice and the was the doctor was looking at my results on the paper. However the doctor send me for scan , and I did it. That was a year ago and I never been called back to the hospital for hysteroscopy.Also on their discharge document that I received later the doctor wrote that the doctor see in "Polish " language that my scan shows 14.4x9.3 mm polyp. I must say that this document is not written in Polish at all and I am not polish neither. This is just showing me that the doctor like to presume and I believe that the doctor also presume that my polyp is not cancerous and can just be left untreated! Every polyp could be 1% cancerous and In my opinion it would be beter to remove it then risk and let polyp grow and become biger feeding on blood stream inside. Not nice feeling at all. In mean time I start to blead between my periods and year ago that wasn't a case. So my polyp now cause the problems which could be avoided if that doctor was more knowledgeable and had more communication skills.

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