"Lyme disease/Neuroborreliosis"

About: Manchester PCT

(as the patient),

3 years ago this Spring I was bitten in the garden, developed bulls-eye patches on my lower legs and went to the doctors with a spreading rash. I went to see 5 local doctors & 1 specialist and I felt there was a misdiagnoses and lack of sympathy or understanding. I also had 6 blood tests which turned out to be useless which is hard for me to believe.

Elissa & W blot test looking for immune complexes & bacterial fragments in an extremely immuno-suppressive disease I find is incredible. My med record still says inconclusive so I cannot have NHS treatment. Apart from 10 days of Cip my requests for abx & a Bori specialist were refused. My disabling pain & large number of varying symptoms is indescribable. After 16 months enduring it my doctor said it was psychosomatic so I walked out, got a private specialist who found the bacteria instantly, prescribed a lengthy course of 3 abx followed by several herbal compounds to kill parasites and strengthen immunity, which I still take. It’s effectively bankrupted me and I feel like still the NHS isn’t interested. After abx the disease needs 2 years tests and monitoring until it’s bacteria-free. Both of these were refused by my doctor when I told him. The legal position for me is as bad: I have read victims must prove negligence and causation but because 6 tests were done for me there is no case for me to hold against anybody. A fortunate few can afford the extended private treatments & hospitals but I feel like I have been stuck with the NHS. What’s the answer when nobody’s interested in my case and horribly out of date?

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