"Disturbingly Inconsistent information"

About: Chorley & South Ribble Hospital

I saw my GP in April after many rounds of physio and visits to my local msk clinic. Multiple visits and scans at various departments across the north west. Eventually

Referred to consultant at RPH then had another scan. During scan it was raised by the advising attending registrar that they were surprised I could even stand on my ankle never mind walk. I was obviously in a lot of pain and they told me the consultant was very good and would ' sort' things out quickly. A week later I again saw the consultant, after discussion we decided to opt for surgery . I was advised to attend a pre op at Chorley. At said pre op I asked what the approx wait time was . I was told about 6 weeks sooner if I was happy to accept a cancellation if one arose. (I am) not too bad I thought . I have been suffering for over two years and acute in pain for the last 12 months or so. . The weeks crept by. I called the pre op dept this week to be told ,to my horror ,I wasn't even on " the list" which is full till end August so realistically I was told it would be towards end of September , possibly , or later . This means 5 to 6 months wait when I was told around 6 weeks.

It's unacceptable and cruel to give such conflicting information to patients desperate to be relieved of pain. Based on the information I had been given I altered holiday dates at hotels booked and with work and other family arrangements till later in the summer , mid to late September as by then I would be well on the road to recovery . Not a chance . I must now cancel my summer holiday completely and my booked leave from work for late September as I may not have even had the surgery by then .

You may possibly think this is trivial. To be in pain long term is draining on yourself and all around you. The family holiday was giving us something to aim for , to look forward to with a a Mum, wife, grandmother, sister who wasn't always bad tempered due to pain or high as a kite due to very strong pain relief . Had I been told I was looking at a 5 to 6 MONTH WAIT NOT 6 weeks . I would have considered spending the money saved for the holiday on " going privately" incidentally private or NHS it is the same surgeon! . But if I pay a few thousand pounds I can have it done in less than a couple of weeks. Doesn't matter that I have paid national insurance my whole working life . I was told when the injury first developed that rapid correction treatment was essential to ensure optimum recovery to normal use etc. My definition of rapid is not 5- 6 months . Certainly not after being passed from one department to the other months. I understand things are tough at the NHS but this does not stop you giving consistent information to patients

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