"3 Years of nothing."

About: Clatterbridge Hospital

I've had this problem for 4 years. Came to the hospital about it 3 Years ago, and all i've had done was, Ultrasound, 2 Xrays and an MRI, 2 insoles. Injection.

During this process where when i get into my appointments. The doctor is rushed, rude and just so set in their way and stubborn that I have gotten nowhere still! All becuase it's less common for my problem to be where it is. The doctor ignores the fact the MRI is showing something and just makes me wait month after month for 3 years to come back and be spoken down to and given an insole that does nothing. I can't walk most days becuase i'm in show much pain, I was told that after trying all options from start, Insole (didn't work).. Injection (didn't work) that they can do Surgery as my final option. But instead when i it finally comes to the idea of me doing surgery (which im completely happy and want the surgery instead of this years of nothing) Doctor storms in ignores the MRI on the screen tells me it's just a "loose joint" and gives me another insole, for me to try which again doesnt work, to only wait more months of waiting for another appointment. But not only is the way the doctor acting frustrating, rude, unprofessional, but the fact that if it comes to the surgery. What kind of mentality will the doctor have? Rushed, not bothering to look for the problem properly becuase the doctor is too stubborn to admit that it can be In that webspace.

My last experience was a Nurse talking to me feeling for it and asking how the injection was and asking if I am ready for surgery if that's what I want.. Then goes and gets the Doctor who rushes in wriggles my toes says its just "loose joints", then check the MRI and realises that yes there is something there... but "oh well it's still a loose joint" "Im not going to do surgery to find nothing" Says to give me another insole and then rushes out..the doctor was in there for less than 2minutes!

I traveled about 10 miles by bus to get there and the doctor speak to me and tell me the same crap month after month and rush out after 2minutes to give me another insole and wait another month of nothing. Which costs me all this money for bus fees for one.. and all for nothing but wasting my time each appointment and leaving me no step further towards helping me.

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