"Horrific experience."

About: Spire Roding Hospital

I was given an ENT Appointment on the 28th of April, to which I cancelled. I was advised that I was being put on the waiting list for another appointment.

A week or so later, I was given a letter for an appointment on the 22nd of June at 10.15am, which is today. I arrive at 10am and go to sign in at reception. I was seen by a lovely receptionist, and this is where my good experience ended. My appointment could not be found nor could they see why. I was advised that when they clicked on it there was a system error message.

The receptionist then called someone from the front desk (forgive me - I do not remember who) and spoke to them for around 5 minutes. I was then told to speak with this person.

They initially tried to blame me advising that the appointment was not there because I had called up to cancel it. I advised numerous times that this was not the case, as I have the letter and have the phone call where I cancelled my original appointment (28th of April).

Once I pushed back and advised that this was untrue, an alleged 'glitch' was suddenly the culprit. All ideas of me cancelling were now forgotten.

I took a half day off for my appointment that for some reason the hospital lost.

Not once did this person apologise, not once did this person try to accommodate me and not once did someone try to assist me. I took my last day off for this appointment and advised the person of this. I asked for another appointment for the weekend or the evening and was told the doctor only wants to see patients at a specific time.

I am absolutely disgusted by my treatment today. This person could have contacted the doctor and ask for an exception or tried harder to accommodate my needs. The needs of the person that was done wrong in this scenario. I work full time and therefore had to take time off for the appointment and now I cannot get any further time off.

The person on the phone was rude, abrasive, completely unaccommodating and very cold in their mannerisms. They treated me as if I were a nuisance, as opposed to someone who had a genuine issue through no fault of their own.

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