"Waste of time"

About: Newham General Hospital

My g.p said i needed a ct scan and wrote that it was urgent on the form, i have had stomach pain for 3 weeks and it has now radiated to my lower back and upper chest on the left side, i went to newham hospital and went to the reception at the scanning department, there was a guy in front of me, i heard the receptionist tell him he had missed his appointment and that it was for the day before, "don't worry" they said, "i will get them to squeeze you in" and told him to take a seat, i then handed my form from the doctor to the receptionist and was also told to take a seat, i was so relieved, that after 3 weeks of this pain getting worse and worse i was going to find out what was causing it, all kinds of things were going through my head, could it be cancer? Liver problems? List goes on,

After about 10 miniutes the receptionist called my name and i went over to see them, they told me that i would not be seen and i would be getting an appointment through the post within 2 weeks, when i asked them why i could not be seen, they told me it was normal practise to send out appointments in the post even if i had been sent for an urgent scan by my doctor, unless it was a head scan, then i would have to wait for a postal appointment, they said it was not urgent as i was able to walk in to the hospital, i told them thats only because im pumped up with painkillers, i asked who said i would not be seen? They said the person doing the scan, i asked for them to call them, which they did, when they came over i asked them why i could not just wait and get the scan, sorry you have to wait for an appointment they said, they went back into the ct room and asked someone in there and came out again and said no it cant be done today as non urgent, i asked them how they could know that when my own doctor did not know what the cause was, when i asked the receptionist why the guy before me was squeezed in even though he missed his appointment by a day i was told that it was not missed, i told them dont lie, i was standing here and heard everything, to which they said i cannot disscuss other patients.

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