About: Darent Valley Hospital

I came into hospital on the day of my operation feeling very scared of my procedure but was so happy when the pre admissions staff said my husband could stay with me till they called me. I was met by my consultant & annessatist who were lovely & put me at ease. This made a huge difference to me as did the staff in pre admissions.

When I was called to go get changed I was showed to a curtained off cubicle where I sat alone for about 10mins by myself...this was not so good & I again starting to feel very anxious!

Then I got taken down to theatre. Again my annessatist was lovely & I was out before I even knew it. When I woke up I was in a huge amount of pain & felt sick but they immediately wanted to get me to the ward even thou if only just come round. Once on the the mullbury ward one of the nurses was fantastic & saw straight away to my pain & sickness. I was given water but nothing to eat till late evening when they gave me more pain meds & I had to ask if I could have something which I got given a couple of biscuits. Later I woke up feeing sick but was unable to reach the sick bowl so I pressed the nurse button but no one rushed & I had to be sick in the saucer the biscuits came on. The nurse came & was very abrupt in their manner. I told them I'd been sick into the saucer but they didn't even care & walked away leaving it sitting beside me. The same nurse gave me my nightly stomach injections & took bloods from me for the two mornings I was there to which they showed no care what so ever. They made it obvious they had a job to do & came across I'm too busy!

My arms were used as a pin cushion by them & 3 weeks post op I still have bruises on my arms recovering from them taking blood. Overall apart from my ordeal with that nurse the rest of the staff are lovely & very much showed care for their patients. The food is rate a 3/10 & was very slow on coming on my last day.

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