"My disappointment in the map west team."

About: Croydon / Social Services

(as the patient),

I lived in care until I was 18. Forced to move because Croydon social services refused to continue the contract with the care provider, which was agreed and signed before I moved to them.

They provided essential therapy so I could live a normal life. This was cut short. Croydon social services stopped paying my placement six months prior to moving back to Croydon. After being assessed by children's mental health team, everybody promised I would receive treatment and support from the local services.

Understand that I have been in the mental health system since a young age and during that time I have placed in a number of mental health hospitals and care homes all over the country. So instead, my childhood was replaced with nothing more than disappointment, hurt, and a constant chain of let downs. And to this day it still continues to do so.

Map west team reacts to mental health in the wrong way, which in the end only perpetuates a negative cycle of mental health. Nobody ever gets heard unless you commit suicide, and even then it's a 50/50 chance that they will ever know.

The message that I feel the social services team conveys to everyone is,

Unless you severely harm yourself or make an attempt on your life then maybe we might help you. 

We dont care that you need to talk to someone and we wont ask you if you are ok.  

We wont involve you in your care or decisions

We will not follow our obligations to support you.

We will not give you an appointment to see the Dr unless we feel you are in immediate danger 

If we do give you an appointment you will have to wait for six-eight months.

We dont care if you are not sleeping.

We dont care about your depression flashbacks or anxiety..

 Recently I was discharged from having a care co ordinator. However I only received word of this from a forth party. I've learnt to deal with failure and lack of help from the map west team. But I know that I'm not the only one who has had to suffer in silence. There are many others out there. I think many people in their care has hurt themselves more because that's the only way to get help. Once five o clock comes it's lights out. That's it. Nothing else to support you. It feels like A&E is croydon's official out of hours support. But ending up there means taking away time and resources from people who really, really need it.

To conclude, I may extremely disappointed the service.

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