"Thank you A&E Royal Oldham"

About: Royal Oldham Hospital

I've seen so many status' recently from people moaning about Royal Oldham A&E so here's what I've got to say.

I want to thank the A&e dept at the Royal Oldham hospital for providing me with absolutely outstanding quality of care.

I hobbled in and was greeted with the sympathetic smile of the lovely ward clark on the front desk.

Shortly after me walked in an elderly gentleman with a bust nose. This man was triaged before me.. But was I mad because I came in before him? I was in pain after all.. No! Because Oldham A&e had to prioritise and he needed help at that time more than me. This is something some people don't seem to understand its not about who came in first or how long you've been waiting it's about who needs medical attention the most.

After being triaged I had a further 40 minute wait to see a doctor. I was immediately taken though and given a bed. The doctor gave me a prompt examination and was very informative through everything about what he was doing and what he was going to do next. Quickly after, another specialised doctor saw me & kept me updated constantly of what they were doing and what the outcome of that was. Within two hours of walking through the door I'd been admitted to hospital and had a plan of care set out for me, I knew what to expect over the next few hours and where I was going to be going.

I was given appropriate pain relief without even needing to ask - this is something that really stood out to be as no patient should be left in pain and the doctor went out of their way to ensure I was in as little pain as possible.

I was constantly being checked on by the Health Care Assistants they noticed my blood pressure dropped quite low and checked it a short time later - thanks to them I was given a bag of fluids by the nurse before I was sent for my scan.

They helped me fill in forms when I was struggling and completely took the embarrassment of needing to use a bedpan away from me by making me laugh.

From the second I walked into the department until the second I left I couldn't have felt more cared for.

So thank you Royal Oldham Hospital A&E Department.

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