"my disability not recognised at all"

About: Rotherham Hospital The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

(as the patient),

with the help of my 12 year old daughter I am writing this story about what I believe to be appalling experiences at the Rotherham foundation trust. it has taken us many hours as I am registered blind.

I have put in a request to access my medical records and for reasonable adjustments to be made because I am blind. but my request has been denied because I complained about some past treatment that I received.

after sending many letters to the Rotherham hospital outlining my disability. I see from all your correspondence to me that the hospital has not at any time acknowledged that I am registered as blind and I am at a disadvantage. all I am asking for is my rights which are covered under the 2010 equality act.

all I ever wanted from the Trust was to show me some respect and acknowledge my disability.

I have asked the Trust to offer me my fundamental rights and make reasonable adjustments to elevate my disadvantage caused by me being registered blind.

at no time have I said I wanted to discuss my clinical care, so why have the hospital made this assumption?

I have requested to access my medical records, and asked for reasonable adjustments, at no time have I mentioned my complaint in my correspondence to you, so why does hospital feel it necessary to mention my complaint which is private and personal to me, what does the Trust aim to gain from this?

I feel that the Trust is being vexatious in its behaviour toward me and don't understand why? my clinical and complaint are separate issues and should have no bearing in me accessing my medical records.

as the Trust has shown total disregard for my rights as a disabled/blind person under the 2010 equality act. and by mentioning that because I brought a compliant against the Trust for the reason for denying my fundamental rights is a clear case of victimisation.

as the trust has denied my rights I have had to source guidance on this matter from the equality advisory service.

does the Rotherham hospital treat all disabled people in the same manner? where is the dignity, compassion, and respect?

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