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(as the patient),

I was rushed into hospital recently as I was found unresponsive by my carers. I was in ward 107 and when I came round the next day I knew I shouldn't of been in that ward as its respiratory.

I was made to feel this by certain members of the nursing team (1 in particular) and also the consultant I was under. When I came round I was left with a really bad headache and I couldn't see properly through my left eye as I had a dark shadow and tenderness with light. I was reviewed by a doctor ( I am under neuro at the moment as I have a neurological condition) who said he wanted further tests done but would speak with neuro consultant and see me the next day as I was still very drowsy. Yesterday I still had this eye issue and headache, the doctor from the ward was very rude and grabbed my arm yanked the bp cuff off my arm, the sats prob off my finger and told me to sit up.  I said twice that I required help with this ( I receive care 2x carers 4x a day) The doctor then shouted again will you sit up and I repeated again I can't do this on my own I will require help. If the doctor has looked at my notes they would of known this. I had my hand over my left eye as every time I tried to open it I was sensitive to light which was causing more pain in my head.
 The doctor again grabbed my arm moved my hand away from my head and told me to open my eye, I was struggling. The doctor then went my CT scan was normal and I should go as I am taken up beds on "their" ward that I shouldn't be on anyway. Then I continued to hear the doctor say why was I even there in the first place, that I wasn't co operating so I should be sent home.
 I told this dr so many times why I couldn't sit up.  The doctor failed to listen to and also why I couldn't open my eye. Maybe if it wasn't so bright in the room it wouldn't of been so bad but all the lights were on even though it was very bright outside, the staff knew I had a sore head and had a sensitivity to light so surely they could of been turned off.

If neuro wanted to review me yesterday what gives the doctor on 107 the right to say you can just go, when neuro wanted further tests done to find out why I was unconscious etc.  The doctor went cancel those tests as I didn't need them. When the doctor moved on to " their" patients what a different person.  The doctor was very nice to them etc exactly how a DR should be.

When the nurse came round with the drugs I had all my tablets in a NHS dosset box made by pharmacy and I said all my tablets were in there as she asked if I am taken certain ones and I said everything in my box I take, I won't be giving you out the dosset box as I am not allowed and I am not arguing with you over it either the nurse said very abruptly. No one was arguing I wasn't feeling well enough to argue I just said all my medications are in my box. the nurse the night before did, 110 and 209 did on previous admissions. No one else had an issue.

I was then not given certain tablets as they didn't have them in stock. When I said my fentynal patch was due to be changed yesterday she said we have Friday down so I said its today as its 72 hours and it was done on Sunday. She then said I'll need to get that changed and took my notes away. I then asked two hours later what was happening to be told haven't you asked the Drs to change it, I hadn't seen the Drs since earlier that morning, she was constantly with the doctor so she could of asked.

Then again 1pm came I asked again and was told your going home so you can do it when you get home, I explained again that I get district nurses in and they do it as I haven't got dexterity or grip in my hands to do it. I found out after me calling the DNs when I got home I didn't have a patch on so they had taken it off and left me "cold Turkey" no wonder I was starting to get agitated you wouldn't let a drug addict be left like that so why I patients who require a certain drugs be left. The DN said this should never of been done. I asked for oxynorm to be told you don't have your own supply so no. Since when are patients declined medication that they are prescribed due to not having it in hospital with them. My carers only gave the paramedics my dosset box that's not my fault. So I asked 4 further times as I was in agony especially more so with no pain relief patch. This was not a pleasant experience and it was out of my hands. I am having to call my GP tomorrow as my headache or eye issue hasn't got better and when I had a planned DOM optician appt I told her and she looked concerned and told me to see how I was tomorrow. She couldn't test my eyes today due to my eye so being sore.

My carers also noted I am very sleepy since being home. It makes me embarrassed to say I was a staff nurse before I became ill if this is how certain nurses now a days act. This one nurses attitude wasn't just directed at me she was rude to her colleagues as well and made cheeky remarks in front of patients. One Auxillary was very very nice helped me with my lunch and tablets and had a nice chat with me.

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Response from Linda Oldroyd, Nurse Consultant, Person Centred Care, NHS Grampian

Dear Loz85

Your story is very distressing to read and raises many issues. Staff reading this should reflect on their behaviors. All our patients should receive the same high standard of compassionate and person-centred care wherever they are placed in the hospital. I am very sorry that what you experienced was somewhat below the standards we aim for.

I personally cannot address all he concerns you raise but I would like to invite you to share your story more fully with a member of NHS Grampian’s Person-centred Team. If you take up this offer we will be able to use your story for learning and ward staff might better understand how their behaviours impact on patients.

We will of course share your Patient Opinion post with the staff on Ward 107 and the managers of that area. However if you felt able to share your details with us we would be better able to investigate and respond more accurately to your concerns.

I apologise for the way you were made to feel and for the failings in this episode of care and I thank you for bringing these matters to our attention.

I hope you are feeling better now and that you feel able and confident to contact us directly. I can be reached by email at loldroyd@nhs.net or by telephone on 01343 567900.

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Response from Linda Oldroyd, Nurse Consultant, Person Centred Care, NHS Grampian

Dear Loz86

The Senior Charge Nurse in Ward 107 has asked me to post the following message:

I am disappointed to hear of the issues raised by Loz85. We strive to deliver the highest standard of care at all times in Ward 107 and I am saddened to hear that Loz85 felt the care given on this admission was not to a high standard. I would welcome Loz85 to meet with me so we could discuss the issues in person if he/she wished to do so.

Please get in touch if you would like to accept the Senior Charge Nurse's offer to meet.

Kind regards,

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Update posted by Loz85 (the patient)

Unfortunately I can not meet with any of the staff as I am bed bound.

Response from Linda Oldroyd, Nurse Consultant, Person Centred Care, NHS Grampian

Dear Lox85

The Senior Charge Nurse or I would be very happy to come to you. Please let me know if that would be acceptable.

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Update posted by Loz85 (the patient)


Yeah that would be fine. I have sent an email as it wouldn't let me initially reply to your comment.