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(as the patient),

Before christmas 2009 i had an appointment for a lumbar punture due to recently having grande mal seizure. On the day i did not have any information leaflets about the procedure and possible side effects. (It was 3 days later that arrived) So to start with i was ill informed. At the hospital before the procedure i was informed that possible side effects was a head ache lasting a couple of days and of the side effects during it. I cant lay on my left hip due to cronic pain (16years of +) so with that information it was performed whist i was sat up, that took 4-6 attempts, then whilst the needle was in i was asked to lay down on my left side to take a pressure reading.

The next day i suffered post lumbar puncture headache. I could not sit up/stand up/ eat/ tolerate light for a week then taken to bolton for a blood patch well my experience there is significantly worse.

my partner was concerned and researched what could be wrong, took 2 weeks off work to look after me. found that you're not supposed to be moved during the procedure as greater risks of plph. So, why did the doctor doing it move me during the procedure? now march 2010, after a blood patch, it takes me an hour to go from laying down to sitting up, and several mins to go from sitting to standing. I feel huge pressure at the top of my neck, like my brain is trying to fall/pass through, balance is off, sensitivity to light and a slight reduction to my eye sight.

Don't get me wrong, my sister has had excellent care/treatment etc all her years, and my child birth experience was really good. But this treatment of me wasn't good.

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