"30 months !"

In 2014, after waiting 2.5 month

I’ve got an assessment.

In a nut shell , neither one-to-one talking therapist or any kind of CBT was offered , just two courses . A none-profit sub-contractor promised to run one

I’ve picked .

I might have even done it, if they did remember to invite me.

Eight month later, and only after my GP’s enquiries, the subcontractor phoned and explained that they “lost” my referral and forgot about me.

I waited another eight month for my next consultation .

An interview with the new consultant was short, unpleasant and traumatic.

I felt trapped.

Just like before neither one-to-one talking therapist or CBT was offered .

They referred me a 12 week’s course at Folly Mill.

The course was a sham designated to boost their statts and pay salaries of cause.

It was a waste of my time and tax payers money.

I was trying to contact my consultant for a piece of advice but they ignored me.

Later they gave me an ultimatum that they wouldn’t talk to me before finished that course.

It was a kiss of death to my last hope of help.

The final review was extremely stressful.

I was trying to address my concerns , but was asked to leave after 15 minutes .

I raised formal complains, filled tons of forms but got a reply that there is nothing wrong with their system and their whiter then white.

Here’s the lesson I’ve learnt on after 2.5 years of jumping through all of these hoops.

If you’re desperate to keep what precious little left of your sanity, then keep away from that place.

They’re going to crash & trash your last hope, and strip away your self-respect and dignity.

That place isn’t about helping us.

Story from NHS Choices

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Response from Customer Services Manager, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

I am sorry you have not had a positive experience of our services, and I would like to offer my apologies for the distress this has caused you. I believe we do need to listen to the views of people who are using our services, and take them into account in our work.

As a Trust we take complaints seriously. We always seek to do all we can to respond and learn lessons from them to improve the services we provide. I note in your feedback you have received a response to your concerns, which you are unhappy with. If you would like to discuss this feedback, or the feedback you have received previously, please contact my team on 0800 587 21 08 or customer.servicesswyt@nhs.net

Once again, I would like to apologise for the circumstances that led to you leaving your feedback.