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(as the patient),

What I liked dad and husband who is also my registered by law 24.7 carer finding me on the floor after screaming for so long and helping me up into my wheelchair from home and taking me straight away out of the hospital. I am traumitised and will provide any evidence i can in a court of law if they decide to act on this which i dont think they will as they lied. What could be improved? They should have believed me even though I am young that i am disabled. They should never have used lies and bullying tacticts as they thought i was a psychiatric patient when i was and am disabled and will and can prove all of this in a court of law, they lied about calling the police to frighten me to stand up and lied to my dad and husband and i just wanted to die. I was on that floor, im not coping with being disabled this young as its only been 9 months as opposed to life long and if there had have been anything i could have done i would have done it to end the suffering they put me through. I have physical non visual pain from being hit with the door and dad hit me full force by accident entering the room to run to my screams for help and thats how hard they hit me. I have never been in a situation like that in my life, i kept telling the dr and nurses to phone social services a specific name i gave them, to prove i was disabled and not lying.... ok so maybe they thought i could move or that they could lie as i was a psychiatric patient but truth is they were wrong as i am not a psychiatric patient n was screaming and crying due to pain. They said they cannot lift me as theyd hurt their backs yet they never got a hoist they never believed me and they said i wasnt allowed gas and air until i got onto the high bed, i cannot even get up stairs. and i needed the gas and air to get onto the bed, but never could get onto high beds. they should have read my notes and allowed me the gas and air that i needed. Anything else? I was rushed to A and E as i have hypermobility syndrome and carelink had come out to move me and couldnt as i was in severe pain. At A and E I was left on a bed and found i could move a little with gas and air like i had at home to get to the chair for the ambulance. I was dizzy and still in pain and thought i heard my husband/24/7 carer... anyway i fell off the bed. I was on the floor a man saw this happen, nurses and dr came in an i moved a little to hold to the rail and they said i should get onto the bed i said i couldnt and the gas and air wore off i immediately fell heavy and hurt and fell cheek down to the floor, i could only see feet, they started prodding me and hitting me with the door in my right arm saying if you don't get up we will continue to hit you, i said i will put in a complaint if you dont stop, as i am disabled and i am, severely disabled, immobile and wanted my carer and said i can never get up, the dr said that i am 22 i am lying i am perfectly fine and can get up myself and i disagreed and she said she would complain about me then she accused me whilst i couldnt even move my arms!!! she said i was lashing out and being abusive even though i have masses of evidence from june and july 09 to prove i have been immobile for 9 months march. They said i was seeing a psychiatrist and i said yes theyve proved its not psychosomatic and im in severe pain and have hypermobility syndrome, dr said so have i, im getting the police now (my name here) and im getting security, your being abusive, i said get the police make them come here i need HELP! I was left approx 40 mins in that position on the floor, she phoned my mam twice said i was ok, dad and husband came she told them i had trashed room an lashed out, dad hit me with door by accident as dad/hubby didnt know i was there and just took me home, knowing i was telling the truth, room was fine and the police that were there dad asked. they said theyre not here for me and they took me home! *sobs

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