"My sons surgery to remove a tumour was cancelled"

About: Dorset PCT

(as a relative),

Last year my son, after months of trying to get a diagnosed, he was told he had a tumour on his lung. Yet again he had to wait months for treatment. Nearly five months past when the hospital sent for him to be admitted. Such a relief after so much worry, not knowing what they were going to find, not to mention the lose of wages and having to rely on family members to help him out financially.

Having to travel some distant from his home, he spent the night in hospital. He was told he would be operated the next day. After fasting all day,and waiting and worrying, not to mention the money it had cost him to get there, He was told sorry we cannot do it today,nor tomorrow, you will have to come back on Monday.

I (his mother) complained. The surgeon came to speak to us. I asked why. He told us that this was not his fault, that he was willing to work until 8o clock, but the powers above would not allow this,for they would not pay after 6 pm . There for if any work that maybe started at 5pm, but would be likely to go on after 6pm would not be started.

It seems to me that this is a finance issue, I con see that the N,H.S is struggling to do so much for so many, with limited money. What I thought was that these people that worked for the N.H.S called caring profession , I think most of them had been trained by the N.H.S would be welling to work for an hour for no pay. Its not like a office job or a factory, these are peoples lives we are taking about.

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