"I slipped through the net"

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(as the patient),

I have been given your details so that I can make a formal complaint about my treatment from the NHS Carlisle Infirmary.

In 2010 (I do not know the exact date as it was so long ago) I was having difficulties with my sight and Spec Savers referred me to the ophthalmic department. Who checked my eye sight and sent me for a scan and if there was any problems they would get back to me. I heard nothing, so assumed there was no issues however my sight was still a concern to me.

I have since then, been back to my doctor with numerous niggling complaints that I have been sent away with no solutions for. Such as headaches, lower back pain, hip pain, bowel issues, joint pains in my knees and balance issues.

In 2016 after my routine eye test they referred me again the ophthalmic department who sent me again for a further brain scan and were concerned to find that no one had followed up on my scan in 2010. I was not concerned as I had been before and I was never made aware of any problems.

The doctor asked for an urgent scan in April 2016 and asked me to come in to discuss the results the following day. The doctor said the good news was that I had not got a tumor but they would like me to have an urgent referral to the Neurologist to explain what was causing the inflammation to my brain.

In May at Penrith Hospital I saw a doctor who informed me that I had Multiple Sclerosis. Not only this, it had been diagnosed in 2010 and they could not understand why I had not been informed and had any treatment. The doctor did assume that as the Neurology department had closed I must have slipped through the net. How can this have happened?

I urgently need to know why the NHS has failed me with this issue. I have been struggling on many health fronts over the past 6 years and no one has ever put all the issues together and come up with the original diagnosis which was never passed on to me.

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