"Undiagnosed illness since may 2009"

About: Harrow PCT

(as the patient),

I have been suffering with an undiagnosed illness now since the may 2009. I have had one hospital appointment which showed I did not have an ulcer. Prior to this endoscopy, I was given a cocktail of drugs for ulcers and when single doses did not work I was put on double doses. This was before any test was done to see if I had an ulcer. To date I have not received the breathe test which I have been informed should have been done prior to the endoscopy. The time frame between my initial appointments and my endoscopy can be understood because of the space between my first and second attack.

The time frame between my first and second attack was nearly 4 months. However, 2nd-3rd 2 wks, 3rd to 4th 4 days, 4th to 5th 3 weeks, 5th- 6th 2 weeks and so on. I take some responsibility in that my first appointment I could not keep because I had to work out of the country on that date.

I have been back and forth to the doctors and been hospitalised on two separate occasions. I have had my doctor prescribe drugs for me after telling me several times on the phone he did not know what was wrong with me.

I have now been referred to a specialist and I have to wait 3 months for the appointment. I had an attack on Sunday and was again hospitalised....after being told I had an inflamed bowel and right intestine and given a cocktail of drugs I was discharged.

I took myself to the doctors two days later as I was still in pain and to my horror he informed me I had a 24hr bug....This means that A) this doctor has not read my notes, B) the X rays at the hospital lied, or C) The doctor at the hospital and his senior all got it wrong. I am more inclined to go with A, this man had not read my records because if he did he would have responded with such an obscure statement. He may have even noticed that I had these symptoms before....so does that mean that every other week I get a bug. Then surely something is wrong with my immune system, at this point just said thank you and left. He asked me if I wanted him to prescribe something for me and I say no thank you and left.

four days later I have been able to eat a total of 11 weatabix, I am living off cups of tea and strong pain killers........I have had this stabbing pain in my chest all day and whenever I start to eat anything I have to lay down and yet I still have to wait another 3 weeks before I have my initial consultation. Further to this I am exhausted. I have no energy to do anything and this is really beginning to take its toll on me. Second to being an emotional wreck I have made another appointment with my regular doctor tomorrow morning, to hopefully receive some treatment.

please someone tell me what is going on...where is my tax going.......and why do i have to be made to feel like a nuisance to get some health......

I actually dread going to the doctors because I don’t want to waste their time.....but I have now decided enough is enough....... I will be complaining tomorrow when I go to see my doctor again. Something has to be done...

I have better things to do than harass the doctor, and furthermore nobody knows my body better than me, and if say something is wrong then at least give me the benefit of the doubt.

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