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I would like to say few words about labour ward. I was giving birth at labour ward Princess Anne Hospital Southampton in April 2016. I haven't been treated seriously.

When I came to hospital they wanted to send me away before examination! When a young midwife finally examined me my cervix was 6cm dilated and I had to stay. They counted how many hours there is to next examination (by the book it would be 4, but we are humans not robots). After 2 hours I was vomiting (because of pain), asking for stronger pain killer (they gave me gas and refused to give anything stronger because I quote 'there is still plenty of time') and shouting that baby is coming. Young midwife said they still have 2 hours to examine my cervix and left for their break! When they left another midwife came (a bit older and I guess more experienced) and quickly checked my dilation. It was 10cm (fully dilated) and the baby was coming,but waters didn't brake. They broke the waters and I had to start pushing. (What would happen if this young midwife didn't go for their break?!)

There was no time or possibility to get any pain killer at this point. I had my baby delivered with forceps and episiotomy. It was a horror experience. (Not to mention I wanted to give birth in birthing pool which was broken!) I'm shocked how the first midwife treated me by the book and didn't want to help. Who says they still have so and so hours till next examination?! I was wondering if they thought I was over reacting ... Bizarre.

I hope they won't do it again to anyone else.

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Response from University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

I am sorry to hear that your experience in our hospital was not a positive one and that you were unable to deliver as planned in a birthing pool. If you would like to speak to us further about your experience so that we can offer you support or indeed investigate what happened further, please contact patient support service, email to patientsupportservices@uhs.nhs.uk or contact by phone 023 8120 6325.

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