"This is the most unwelcome I've felt for some time"

My neighbor has fallen ill and was hallucinating - I've first called 111, but after explaining the symptoms they advised me to call 999. The paramedic that arrived, after doing some tests, booked an appointment at this place.

First thing that we've heard after arriving is that there is no appointment, and that nobody called; even if anybody called, then my neighbor shouldn't have been booked in and that we will have to wait 2 hours. Then I was informed that 999 is for crashes only, and what am I even doing there. Then, when I grew agitated that I don't know why there's no appointment, why the paramedic did that, why they're asking me about their procedures, the attendant went to the back and after 5m came to tell us to wait. Nothing else - nothing if there is an appointment, or no. After 15m my neighbor went in to see the doctor - so at least that turned alright.

Even if you don't get the whole story, can't you listen or maybe just ask, instead of jumping to conclusions? Why do you ask us why your procedures failed to work? Why do you assume people know what to do when facing medical emergency? But most importantly - please don't make people feel like a bother that interrupted your day.

No, I'll definitely avoid this place in the future.

Story from NHS Choices

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