"Frustration at hospital protcol"

About: Royal Hallamshire Hospital / General surgery

(as the patient),

I had been suffering an acute lower left side abdominal pain which just didn’t seem to go away with the normal over counter painkillers, I had a pre booked appt with the nurse at my GP Surgery for some blood test, and my smear test which was due, but due to the pain I couldn’t have the smear test done, so while I was at the surgery I saw a Dr re the pain and I had a water sample took and given two types of antibiotics and stronger painkillers and to phone for results and come back if no better. After a week and finishing the antibiotics the pain was still no better, I was unable to get an appt with my own GP unless a sit & wait appt which is ok if your prepared to sit for at least 45mins to one hour. I'd already had by this time a few days off work so was trying to carry on as normal, but on my way to work the pain was so bad I ended up at the walk in centre in town, where they were really great after my consult they sent me straight to the gyne dept. They did tests and was kept over night but they thought the pain was bowel related, due to an internal ultrasound. Unfortunately due to PROTOCOL they didn’t refer me to the department instead I was sent home still in a lot of pain with stronger painkillers which were not working and a letter for my own GP to refer me to the Dept. I arrived home Thursday teatime and my own surgery was closed, so wasn’t till the next day I phoned my surgery for an appt, I explained the situation but they could only offer me a sit and wait appt, which I had no choice but to take, after waiting at least 45 mins I was seen by my GP who sent me straight to the EAU at the Hallamshire, there I was hoping to see a bowel doctor, but due to my pain giving symptoms of kidney stones I was admitted to the urology ward, after several tests they ruled that out, while my stay the care I was given was excellent and with the even stronger painkillers and rest the pain was bearable, after 5 days I was discharged with yet another letter for my GP to refer my to a bowel doctor as due to PROTOCOL they couldn’t do it.

Now after yet another week and another visit to my GP Surgery Another Dr has wrote a letter to the Bowel Dept and I am now waiting for an appt, which has not yet arrived still in pain but manageble.

Although I had excellent nursing care while I was in hospital this is not the problem, the problem is the so called PROTOCOL.

Why after they ruled out anything gyne couldn’t I have been referred to the correct dept instead of being sent home with the same pain which I was admitted with. This was the same after my stay in the urology, just discharged with a GP letter for referal to the right dept.

As for my local surgery why is it so hard to make an appt in advance to see a Dr instead you have to phone on the day from 8am where the line is always understandably busy and held in a queue waiting knowing your 20 in the line even though you tried as soon as the lines opened. This might be a way to get appt for many but its no good for a big majority of patients who have to work.

Also its very hard to see the same Dr unless the Dr makes you the appt at the time your seeing them.

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