"maternity unit experience in 2001"

(as the patient),

I had my first baby in 2001

i found the midwife, allocated to me for the birth, to be really uncaring, rude and unsympathetic. She refused to follow my birth plan (despite there being no danger to my baby) she scolded me for making noise as i was bearing down and pretty much ignored me or left me alone most of the time. except to tell me off.

i was a young girl of 17 at the time and didn't argue with her as i wasn't aware of my rights. i spent the majority of the birth in silence, so as not to prevoke her.

I gave birth to a large baby weighing 10lb, I tore REALLY badly upward, leaving half of my labia and clitoris hanging away from my body. (there were many other issues too, but i shall not go into them now) The midwife at the time, told me I had a small tear and not to be a baby, for some reason she did not stitch me up. I have had to have 3 repair ops and 2 blasts of plastic surgery to try and rectify some of the damage. I still have more to go, and now, with my second child, I am having to have a c-section, as another birth may un-do the work done. The experience left me severely traumatised and it has taken 9 years to come to terms with it and consider having more children.

The after care was alot better. The staff were really busy, but tried their best to accomodate everyones needs as best as they could. One evening my baby wouldn't sleep and because i was so exausted, they took him off my hands and cared for him, so I could grab a couple of hours.

They supported me with breastfeeding, encouraged me and praised me as a new mother. I cannot fault them.

It shows that you cannot base the overall standard of care on the mistakes or incompitence of one individual.

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