"disappointed and saddened by care received"

About: The Royal London Hospital

In February my little girl, 21 months old at the time, had an accident in which her cousin shut the door on her finger which resulted in a partial amputation of her fingertip. We obviously rushed her to A&E, and although the immediate care that she received was good, (the cleaning and dressing of wound), the care that followed after that was awful. They said she needed a surgery and that they could do one that very day - and then kept her going hours without food for three days in a row - making her starve 3 whole days, as long as 10 hours, for a surgery which they could not confirm when they could carry out. Finally on the third day after watching my child screaming and crying for food, where she was starving for over 10 hours, I had no choice but to walk out of the hospital. No mother would sit and watch her child suffer like this for a surgery which wasn't certain. Staff at the reception said that we would apparently have to keep coming in every day with my daughter fasting, and wait until they could fit her in for a surgery. Do they expect me to watch my already suffering baby slowly die of starvation? I had to give her food, and obviously giving her food meant the operation won't be done. so I left the hospital.

Over the weekends there was no call back from the hospital; they obviously didn't care. I sought alternative treatment taking her to the local walk in centre. Doctor there changed her dressing but advised we have no choice but to go back to the hospital since they said she will need a surgery. So the very next day we went back.

I complained to the first nurse we saw (who was writing down the report) about the delay in surgery and the long hours my child had to starve, 3 days in a row, only to not receive any treatment or surgery. Nurse could see I was upset and highly stressed, but obviously took sides with the hospital staff and did not care to reassure me. Instead they said in an accusatory fashion that it's now too late for a surgery, implying that I'm to blame for walking out of the hospital, that I should have carried on waiting and watching my baby on her third day of starving to death.

I don't know what they wrote on the notes about me after that, but attitude from the next 2 staff I saw was disgusting. The plastic surgeon told me coz the surgery could not be done, my daughter's nail would never grow back anymore, and her finger would always remain short. This person does not know how much anxiety they caused me with this false statement (as her finger is now fully healed and nail grown back), but I broke down immediately. The next nurse who did the dressing was high tempered and had disgusting behaviour, again accusing me of being an impatient person for walking out of surgery.

Also my multiple trips to A&E with my child during the winter months due to not being able to get immediate gp appointments when needed have now caused the health visiting team to be on my back, constantly checking up on me.

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