"Very bad service.. do not go here with a child!"

I went to this walk in centre today at 9am as I had called my doctors surgery and they had no appointments until the evening. My son woke up with a rash all over his legs arms and cheeks, he had been not well the last few days vomiting/ cold symptoms/ aching legs.. He appeared to be getting better until he woke with a rash.

I informed the receptionist that I had not been to the clinic before I was told just to fill a form out & sit down (not even directed where) & I think I sat in the wrong section. I soon realised these forms get chucked onto a pile and not even looked at/prioritised! - I went back to be told my wait was 3.1/2 hours to be seen! I informed them my 3 year old was covered in a rash.. Receptionist not one bit interested/sympathetic said ' we'll we have lots of people waiting to be seen' oh right so u just leave a 3 year old that could potentially have meningitis waiting nearly 4 hours?!!

After complaining I was told someone would see me.

My son wanted the toilet ( yes 3 year olds cannot wait hours without needing the toilet!) and on return I asked for an update to be told in a stroppy tone ' you've been called, we didn't know if u had left' are they actually joking.. Like I would leave with my son when he needs to be seen! got told that they would inform the nurse... This never happened.

roll on 2hours 50.. And me complaining again the nurse then got involved saying how the receptionist are busy.. Yes I appreciate that but are you not meant to look after patients in your care? the nurse then argued with me saying thay I had a doctors appointment and ' yes he's got a rash, but what else is wrong with him' like it was nothing.. All in front of patients very embarrassing! I then had to request to see the nurse ( when their job is to access you anyway)

eventually we went back in to see the nurse & I explained what had happened and that the receptionists had failed to give them the message... they did apologise at least.

nurse checked him over & thank god he is ok he was diagnosed with slap cheek syndrome.. But if it had been something what would be the consequences!

Moral of this story... Do NOT bring ur child here, treatment is appalling!

Story from NHS Choices

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