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About: Bedford Hospital South Wing

22nd December 2015

Went to A&E with glass in my foot. Reception staff were very unhappy and had zero people skills. Waited 2.5-3 hours (as expected) to be seen by a junior doctor, who sent me for an x-ray. Was told after my x-ray to go back to A&E and wait to be seen again. Waited another hour for junior doctor to call me back to tell me I had glass in my foot (Dr Obvious springs to mind here...). Sent to wait for another (more senior) doctor, after 45 mins-1 hour I was seen by said doctor who informed me I would need surgery. As I was going to Guernsey for xmas 2 days later I asked if there was any alternative way of getting the glass out, they asked for orthopaedics to come and speak to me.

Junior doctor then took me into a tiny room with a reclining chair in it, then left for around 20 mins. During this time staff walked in and out of the room without knocking or apologising, good job it was just my foot and nothing more sensitive!

Junior doctor returned with orthopaedic surgeon and lots of equipment. Surgeon injected the bottom of my foot 3 times, slightly pulled puncture wound apart and began rummaging in my foot. No method to the procedure just simply lets have a stab at this and try to get it out. I was extremely uncomfortable with this, there are nerve endings and muscles in your foot which are easily damaged. Thank goodness I was lucky and they didn't slip. They "felt" something come out so cleaned me up and sent me for another x-ray.

Waited in A&E corridor for x-ray, foot pouring with blood. My hands are covered, the floor has blood on it, multiple staff walked passed completely oblivious even with me asking for help. One particularly unhappy doctor begrudgingly gave me paper towels (the ones to dry hands with) to help...gee thanks! Thank god for the lovely nurse who came over eventually with gauze to pack the wound. Taken to x-ray area again where surgeon bandaged me up. X-ray area was empty (lights off and everything) with 1 staff member on the computer. Nurse reminded them 3 times I was waiting yet still there was a 30-40 minute wait!

Was told I still had glass in my foot so would need surgery. Junior doctor took all my details and told me not to eat until instructed and I would be called first thing in the morning. I offered my partners contact details if for any reason they couldn't reach me...no need I would definitely be in tomorrow.

23rd December 2015

8am - 12pm: No call, I call hospital department with no answer

1pm - 3pm: No call, no answer at hospital

3pm - 4pm: No call, spoke to staff member. "No beds today, can do tomorrow?" Not really I have a 7am flight to catch (as explained multiple times). Promised a call back within the hour to rearrange.

4pm - 6pm: Nothing...gave up and finally ate...a whole 24 hours later!

24th December 2015

Booked in for surgery for 28th December in Guernsey. Surgery/whole process was quick and successful.

20th April 2016

Still no call back from Bedford Hospital... Good work guys!

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